TEMWELL Group is a leading provider of Microwave and RF Solutions in the field of Wireless Communications to steadily supply multi markets such as Aerospace, Military, Medicals, etc. Temwell Brand has focus on designing and manufacturing Helical Band Pass Filter for more than 24 years. Furthermore, our extended service to Temstron who offers complete RF solutions to achieve effective and efficient global competence. Temwell Group will continuously grow with our cutting-edge R&D in order to meet our customers’ satisfaction and successfulness.

2010~2017Temwell History


September Temwell Group successful passes the worldwide verification of Business Information by Germany TÜV Rheinland Company.

Join Worldwide 4th Large Enter Website - Taiwantrade
  • Build up new Temwell Filter Shop with online payment 24 hours
2016 Successfully upgrading ISO9001Certified into 2015 edition.
  • Set up Facebook - TEMSTRON as Main establishing channel for RF & Mircrowave Components
  • New support product : RF Components includes Duplexer, Splitter, Combiner, Attenuator, Isolater, Coupler, Amplifier
2015 Seccssfully Attending Microwave Exhibition: 2015 EUMW in Paris
  • Set up Facebook - TEMWELL as Main establishing channel for Helical Bandpass Filter
  • New focus product : SMD Filter Solution, including DR Filter, Ceramic Filter, Saw Filter & LC Filter
2014 New website for Temwell Group Open - http:// www.temwell.com

New Supply service:

Alternative COIL & Indctor service as obsoleted coil & inductor solution

New provide Service:

Custom Cavity Fitler with high pass filter, low pass filter, bandpass filter and duplexer.

New Issue:

Temwell New series as RF Component supply source in the world

Taipei plant moved to Head office at 6F-2, NO.51, Sec.1, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

New Issue:

Temwell Ham radio standard series
2010 Successfully Re-new ISO9001:2008 Certified New open- New York Office in USA

New Issue:

Temwell 7S Series for SMD type requirement

2009~2000Temwell History


New Issue:

1.Temwell Toko Type Helical Filter - 7HT/7HW/5HT/5HW
2.Temwell Website Shop Store  

Successfully introduced SAP- Enterprise Resource Planning system which improves customer service and makes enterprise operation more effectively
and efficiently

Announced: New Issue: 2way / 4 Way BandPass Antenna Splitter . There are two types.

One: BandPass Splitter 2-4 Way with the Same Frequency.
Others: BandPass Splitter 2-8 Ways with different Frequency.
2007 ISO9001:2000 Certified 2008


New Issue:

1.VHF 20 Watts 2 Way Power Diplexer
2.VHF & UHF Power Diplexer
3.TM50 - 50 Watts 50Ω Band Pass Filter 100-1100MHz
4.TM50L – 50 Watts 75Ω Band Pass Filter 100-1100MHz
5.TM30 – 30 Watts 50Ω Band Pass Filter 1300-2600MHz
Our Band Pass Filter develop for engineer of any country FCC/PAL Channel. there are 4-10 Channel wide for choosing.
2006 Moved to new Head office at 8F-1, NO.51, Sec.1, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan & settle Taipei plant


New Issue
Customized Channel Video Series, including
2 way/4 way 50/75Ω power splitters
FCC/PAL 4 way/ 6 way channel video combiners
2005 Released 30 Watts Base Station Duplexer Series, including
VHF:138~174 MHz / Spacing 4.6MHz & 6.0MHz
UHF:380~520MHz / Spacing 6.0MHz & 10.0MHz
Finished FCC/PAL channel Band Pass Filter,including
7H2 RF Helical Band Pass Filter
Housing 7H3 RF Helical Filter
2004 Improves the products operational temperature bearing capacity:
0℃~+60℃ for Consumer purpose
-30℃~+70℃/ -30℃~+80℃ for Industrial purpose
Issued 10 Watts Power Diplexer for VHF & UHF
2003 SGS international authentication: PB Free reported, accordance with “RoHS” instructions.
Become the important RF Band Pass Filters supplier of world renowned wireless radio manufactures all over the world, such as TAIT, Kenwood, Maxon, ADI, Senao, M/A Com, Siemens, L3 Communication, Thomas, Andrew, Wi-Lan, Witcom, Tessco, Solectron, Honeywell, WinRadio, etc.
2002 Tunable Filter Kits developed & marketed. (For RF Designers & Students)
Application: Student, R & D engineer, RF design house, etc.
2000 30 Watts Duplexer 250/380, 308/344, 450/470MHz developed & sale.
Application: Long distance 2 Way Radio, Radio Broadcast Tx/Rx equipment.

1999~1990Temwell History

1999 Miniature Diplexer 7H212/7H313 series developed & marketed (Fo=300-2000MHz).
Application for Wireless Modem, Telemetry, Repeater, Microwave Radio, etc.

7S series (7S2/7S3/7S4) Helical Band Pass Filters developed & marketed (Fo=230-1500MHz).
TM Module Connector B.P. Filters developed & sale (Fo=44-2600 MHz).
Application: Wireless Microphone, Fiber Optic Band Pass Filter.

1997 5R series (5R2/5R3/5R4) Helical Band Pass Filters (TOKO’s alternative product) developed & sale (Fo=230-1500 MHz).
Application: CB Radio, 2 Way Radio, RF Transceiver, DVBT- Converter, Satellite IF Connector, etc.
1996 5W series (5W2/5W3/5W4) developed & marketed (Fo=230-2600MHz).
Application for: Satellite IF Converter Filter, Wireless Design House, Microwave Components,
Optical Network, 2 Way Radio, etc.
ISO9002 Certified.
Ilan factory established, land: 27000 ft2, building: 12960 ft2.
1995 Plan for Ilan factory.
1994 7H series (7H2/7H3/7H4/7H5) RF Helical Band Pass Filters development completed & started to sell (Fo=44-1500MHz, BW=2-80MHz). We are established RF Band Pass Filter supplier of the world, next TOKO, and the top Helical Band Pass Filter supplier in Taiwan.
Application for CB Radio, RF Transceiver, Radar Radio, Telemetry, Wireless Telecom, Wireless Modem, Broad Band Cable Digital Broadcast, RF Radio, Video Filter, Radio link of all wireless communication systems, etc.
1992 Temwell trademark established and formed Engineering Department. Temwell Corporation focuses on development innovation wireless communication RF components of D.B. Mixer (500-2000MHz) and Splitter (700MHz). We have expanded the business into European, American & Asian market.

~1974Temwell History


MTI founded as specialized electronic components importer in Semiconductor, RF Transistor, I.C. Diode, SCR, TRAIC, etc. The brand include NEC, Toshiba, Hitachi, JRC, from Japan etc.