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Power Module BandPass Filter

TM Power module Filter  support  multiple spec combination between different frequency and different bandwidth. Any specific frequency during  45M~2600MHZ  mix with  any requested bandwidth  during  2M~120MHZ could be set up as your own module filter in 21 days and give you the best technical support in your new developing project. All are vailable in three connector type as following.

50 ohm: N type and SMA type
75 ohm: F type

There are over  3000 different filter spec catalog  online to you for reference. All of them are available to be your own Power Module Filter with your preferred connector as above.


-Choose any specific Frequency during 45MHZ~2600MHZ-
-Request any preferred Bandwidth during 2MHZ~120MHZ-
-Pick up a finished BandPass Filter from online 3000 items catalog -
Catalog LINK: Temwell RF bandpass filter 50ohm & 75ohm Catalog
◆ 50ohm BPF Catalog ◆
◆ 75ohm BPF Catalog ◆