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BPF for Mixer System Application

The increasing Digital Circuit designed by mixer system needs to up and down convert Frequency ( Lo & RF Filter )  by  very specific  frequency value,  engineers want filters having high sensitivity with Low IL and flexible frequency to fit its specific mixer design. 

 Temwell strong customized service provides  the value of   Center Frequency Change, Bandwidth Change, and Attenuation Adding service to satisfy all different circuit design of unique mixer signal, specific frequency and special bandwidth during 45MHz to 2.6GHz in short time with high quality and stability.

Temwell Flexible Custom Bandpass filter is  your best partner of mixer system design.

Normal Mixer Circuit Design
What Temwell Flexible Filter could support 
Two type of assistance

A. Bandpass Filter type
Temwell RF Bandpass Helical Filter, including PIN type filter and Connector type filter, has excellent customized technology, which is the worldwide Expert for your RF application to reject LTE signal.
Pin type Helical Filter  Connector type Module Filter
B. Customized Service 
We sustain Frequency change service (from 45MHz ~2600MHz) and Bandwidth change service (1MHz ~100MHz) to you, which means we could build up your specific protection cover around your specific RF signal and reject the influence of LTE signal.


No mater what frequency with what bandwidth, Temwell could build it up by Bandpass Filter in Pin type or Module type as your wish. 

C. Reference Catalog for each frequency band and different Bandwidth
◆ 50ohm BPF Catalog ◆
◆ 75ohm BPF Catalog ◆