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BFP for 75ohm Application

To support new developing engineers in 75ohm application area, Temwell new-open 75ohm filter   service will be your best assistant. Flexible and changeable service for all your specific requirement in Filter, including Frequency change, Bandwidth Change, Attenuation adding, Type change, etc. 
 ★Frequency change range:45MHZ~2600MHZ
 ★Bandwidth change range:1MHZ~100MHZ
 ★Attenuation adding range: 10 dB increasing each upgrading
 ★Type change: PIN type, Connector type, SMD type

 All service are based on 75ohm structure for all your special design. No doubt, your issue will find a solution here by our completely 75ohm custom service.


A. Temwell 75ohm Filter Catalog 

7H  series 

Size: 7.6 (W) x12.5 (H)

5W series 

Size: 7.6 (W) x12.5 (H)

2 pole Filter 7H2L ( TDL ) 2 pole Filter 5W2L ( TDWL )
3 pole Filter 7H3L ( TTL )  3 pole Filter 5W3L ( TTWL ) 
4 pole Filter 7H4L ( TFL ) 4 pole Filter 5W4L ( TFWL )
5 pole Filter 7H5L ( TVL )    

*All of the referenced item from the above catalog could be settled into Dip type filter & Connector type filter.

B. Customized your own special filter 
1.  Give us an enquiry to open a new filter spec
     Send enquiry
2. Change impedance from 50ohm Bandpass Filter
     Temwell 50ohm Bandpass Filter (over 5000 items for reference)
*All of the  referenced item from the above 50ohm filter catalog could be settled into 75 ohm type under exactly
same spec and performance, and also enable to changed 
into dip type filter and connector type filter.