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Alternative Toko type Filter

Are you looking for Toko Filter ( LC バンドパス フィルタ) replacement? 


Temwell Provide Helical Band Pass Filters for Toko Filter replacement, as following link, it shows the complete service for Toko Type series. Within Temwell and Toko across list, you can directly find out your requested Toko Helical filter parts as second source.

弊社は日本 の東 光社 ( Toko ) LC  フィルタ の 相當品 である約 170種の在庫がございます,納期は約72 hr ですぐに納入できます。  また,無線用の 高周波フィルタ 部品が約1000機種をオーダーメイドできます,それぞれ弊社のWEBで規格書を検索することが 可能であます。 通信販売の代理店は興趣がある方 、お電話・またはメールよりお問い合わせ下さい各種カタログをご希望の場合は、お気軽にお問い合わせください
Toko type Helical Filter (L.C. バンドパス フィルタ) Standard Replacement

Temwell provides Toko type Helical Band Pass Filters as Toko Filter replacement. Within Temwell and Toko across list as following link, you can directly find out your requested Toko Helical filter parts as second source.


-Temwell K2RB Series for Toko 5HW Standard & 367MN Series(50Ω)
-Temwell K3RFT Series for Toko 5HT  (50Ω)


-Temwell K2B Series for Toko 7HW Standard & 252MXPR (50Ω)
-Temwell K3BT Series for Toko 7HT (302MXPR & 302MXP/HN/HA Series)(50Ω)

Toko Type Filter in Customized Service

Temwell not only provide standard replaced Toko type Helical Filter, but also support the customized filter performance based on the original Toko type spec. Customers could have more flexible performance spec range without amending the original PCB layout. Contact us for more information.

Fast delivery: just 14 workdays 
Small MOQ: 10 pcs each only
RoHS / REACH compliant

Toko 13H Series EQUIVALENTS-Custom Performance

-Temwell TT/ 7H3 Series for Toko CBW13 (271MT Series)(50Ω)
-Temwell TF/ 7H4 Series for Toko CBT13 (272MT Series)(50Ω)

Toko 19H Series EQUIVALENTS-Custom Performance

-Temwell TF/ 7H4 Series for Toko HRW (231MT Series)(50Ω)
-Temwell TF/ 7H4 Series for TOKO HRQ (232MT Series)(50Ω)

Toko SMD Series EQUIVALENTS-Custom Performance

-Temwell TDW/ 5W2 Series for Toko 5CHW(50Ω)
-Temwell TTW/ 5W3 Series for Toko 5CHT(50Ω)
-Temwell TDW/ 5W2 Series for Toko 5CHLW(50Ω)