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New Service: RF Design Total Solution

Temwell extends service to all kinds of RF & Microwave components design and manufacture.  Temstron is authorized  to provide RF solutions in the field of Wireless Communications to steadily supply several markets such as Aerospace, Military, Medicals, etc.
Our mission: to deliver the highest service to maintain high quality and cost-effectiveness so that  our customers can rely on us to approach continuous improvement and cost reduction. We invest  in research and development to create industry-leading products formulated to meet the most  demanding performance requirements of our customers.
Supply Source:  
 Power divider & Power splitter, Hybrid Coupler & Directional coupler, Notch filter, Band stop filter,  Band reject filter, Cavity filter, Coaxal filter, LTE Filter, Lumped LTE Filter, DR LTE Filter, Cavity duplexer, Antenna, Waveguide filter, Waveguide duplexer, Multiplexer, Triplexer, DVB-t filter, Broadband filter,  Cable assembly, Attenuator, Terminator, Termination, Precise Cable, Amplifier, Band trap filter, Channel filter, Channel trap filter, Crystal filter, Ceramic filter, Di-electric filter, Dielectric filter, Combiner, Low PIM duplexer,  Low PIM combiner, LC filter, Dielectric resonator, Dielectric duplexer, Antenna duplexer, Low pass filters, High pass filter, Comb filters, Suspended substrate stripline filter, S-band, L-Band, CATV Filter, CATV Duplexer, TOKO SUMIDA Inductor, Variable inductor, TOKO SUMIDA Coil, Variable coil, Circulator, UMTS Combiner, SMT Filter, SMD Filter, 2 way splitter, 3 way splitter, 4 way splitter, etc.
Custom Design:   
Filters (Cavity filter, Inter digital Filter, Comb filter, Waveguide filter, Suspended highpass/ lowpass  filter,  bandpass filter, LC filter), Diplexers, Multiplexers, Combiners, Power dividers, Directional couplers/hybrid coupler, Crystal oscillator, Attenuators, bridge and RF passive devices and components.
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2019 Catalog-Temstron supply source

  2019 Catalog-Temstron SMD Filter