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DIY testing Kit

Through Temwell RF BandPass Filter DIY Test Circuit Kit learning how to measure the five parameters of helical filter, including Center Frequency (Fo), Bandwidth (BW), Rejection (Attenuation), Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL). Besides learning how to install and weld helical filter, you will also learn the characteristics of helical filter and the ability of adjust screw to change the center frequency.
Main Unit
A. 3 POLE  Tuning Helical Filter  (7H Series, B type) x 1
     (You may choose an item specs from Temwell website BandPass Helical Filter Catalog,
       e.g. P/N: TT67629B-425M)
B. Helical Filter B Type Pin Position PCB (4 x 6cm) x 1
C. SMA PCB edge connector x 2
D. Hexagon Nut x 4
E. Long Screw x 4
Learning Kit
Testing Circuit Kit Package
 Custom Service Support
    Baed on our Custom servuce in Frequency change (from 45MHz ~2600MHz) and Bandwidth change  
    (1MHz ~100MHz) , customers could set up thousands kinds of RF Bandpass Filter, matching
    with Testing Circuit kit for any special project and research.