Q&ATechnical Testing Report
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How to use ADS
How to make calibration
How to tuning
How to read Temwell Spec
Helical BPF VS Saw Filter
Parts No. Description
RF Front-End Designed CRT DEMO
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Special Feature
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RoHS Assessment Report
RoHS Compliance
Robustness of Terminals-bending
Robustness of Terminals-Pulling
Soldering Heat Resistance Test-Solder Dip
Soldering Heat Resistance Test-Solder Iron
Solder-ability Test
Mechanical Shock Test
Sinusoidal Vibration Test
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Helical Band Pass Filter-7H2 Series
Helical Band Pass Filter-7H3 Series
Helical Band Pass Filter-5W2 Series
Helical Band Pass Filter-5W3 Series
Helical Band Pass Filter-5W4 Series
Helical Band Pass Filter-Toko Type K series
TM Module Power Filter-N Connector
TM Module Power Filter-F Connector