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5G based IoT solution through Temwell / Temstron

5G (5th generation mobile network) is the next generation of mobile broadband. 5G is designed to connect everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. 5G offers much faster data download and upload speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability.

According to the defined by 3GPP, 5G NR frequency bands are being separated into two different frequency ranges, includes sub-6 GHz range and mmWave 24.24 GHz above.

Sub-6 GHz have better coverage than millimeter wave. Lower frequency signals are less susceptible to interference from things, like walls and atmospheric conditions, which makes them a great choice for covering a lot of geographic space.

Sub-1 GHz supports widespread coverage across urban, suburban and rural areas. It can help to support Internet of Things (IoT) services. Sub-1 GHz mostly use frequencies: 169 MHz, 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 779 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz. IoT is commonly used in daily life, such as, transportation, logistics, industrial manufacturing, health and medical, smart environment (family, office, factory), personal and social fields, etc. 5G networks will improve the performance and reliability of IoT connected devices. IoT will grow on 5G technology.


IoT devices operate around us. Whether in office, school, shopping center or hospital, IoT is not the only object using radio waves . There are Bluetooth devices, WiFi-enabled devices (include desktops and laptops, smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, printers, digital audio players, digital cameras, cars and drones). These devices have varied operating protocols to use the spectrum simultaneously.

The available spectrum is divided into multiple bands, and each band is generally divided into a smaller number of channels. Any device can cause unintended interference with any other device, creating weakened operational performance such as an extremely slow connection or loss of connection/service entirely. More devices are added to an environment, the higher the likelihood of interference issues. How do we solve these issues?


Temwell / Temstron are the one of the best suppliers of RF & Microwave solution. We have 26 years of experience in designing, producing and marketing. We are ready to provide full design proposal and RF solution for 5G IoT applications. Our products have the characteristics of low latency, low loss, high isolation, high performance and high reliability to meet the needs of IoT, including custom helical filter, custom cavity filter, custom SMD filter and all kinds of RF components.

Simply contact Temwell / Temstron to discuss your requirement. Whatever you need, Temwell / Temstron can help. Email sales@temwell.com.tw Let us know how we can help.

Custom Solution:

Helical Filter


Custom Support

    Custom Service:
  • Frequency, BW, Attenuation, Impedance, Size
  • Fc: from 42MHz to 2600MHz,
  • BW: 5MHz~200MHz
  • Impedance: 50ohm and 75ohm
    Product series:
  • Band Pass Filter, Notch Filter
    Support type:
  • PIN TYPE & TM Connector type
    Design lead time:
  • 7-14 workdays

Cavity Filter


Custom Support

    Custom Service:
  • Frequency, BW, Attenuation, Size, Power,
  • Fc: DC~40 GHz
  • Power: up to 100W
    Product series:
  • Band Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter
  • Band Stop, Duplexer
    Support type:
  • Connector type & Needle removed as SMD
    Design lead time:
  • 4-6 weeks

SMD Filter


Custom Support

    Custom Service:
  • Frequency, BW, Attenuation, Size,
  • Fc: DC~6 GHz
    Product series:
  • Band Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter
  • Band Stop, Duplexer
    Support type:
  • SMD & DIP
    Design lead time:
  • 5-8 weeks