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What Is a Regional Broadcast for?
Regional Broadcast means 
using the additional wireless communication frequency band vacated by the digital bonus to carry out regional  immediate message broadcasting, including audio, video, messages and alarms. After analog signals and digital signals switch, a digital dividend is generated. Additional RF frequency bands are vacated between the frequency bands of 76 to 108 MHz. It can be used as a public safety broadcast, or a broadcast  in a specific environment or range.


How Can the Regional Broadcast Be Applied?

FM radio band is also available for Regional or Local Broadcasting (voice, video, message). The regional broadcast can be applied in radio communication and used in many places such as community/neighborhood, factory, farm, amusement park and public warning system (as called emergency alert system). 

To make the local broadcasting work more smoothly, we are able to filter unwanted signals from the TX and RX front-end devices interference by our high-performance RF Filter (especially from 76 to 108MHz). Pin and Connector package, and fast Frequency & Bandwidth design service.


How Would the 5G Technology Change the Regional Broadcast?
In the future, with the 5G next-generation communication protocol, a new regional broadcasting system will be established together with the Internet of Things, which can connect more broadcasting equipment. Cover a wider area, while adapting to more different types of regional broadcast communications, to meet the purposes of different regional broadcasts, For example: factory communication, farms in the vast hinterland, natural areas with no people, etc.

And because it uses the additional communication frequency band generated by the digital dividend, RF engineers can use greater  flexibility in product development and architecture planning. There is greater freedom of development for the communication channels of various objects in the regional broadcast. Therefore, Temwell as RF Filter Desing Expert in customized development services And Temstron as RF Components Total Supply Suocect will be the greatest help to RF development engineers.


TEMWELL specializes in providing effective RF Filters and Microwave components to prevent such signal interference, including Band-pass, Band-stop, High-pass and Low-pass, etc. The frequency, bandwidth, suppression, and package type can be customized. We can help to solve the interference problem in 5G. Temwell is
one of the best suppliers of RF & Microwave solutions.


Based on our abundant experience, our products support low group delay, high bandwidth, good performance, power 5 watt up and high efficiency to achieve 5G faster communications. We provide custom design proposals, including Helical Filter, Cavity Filter, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, Inductor, Coil, Diplexer, Duplexer, n-way Combiner and all kinds of RF components. Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance and California Proposition 65 compliance. 

If demo center frequency and bandwidth not suitable, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design service. We also support other design and other type filter and duplexer (e.g. Notch, Lowpass, Highpass, SMD, Cavity, Waveguide etc) for higher power and outdoor application if required, please refer to: Custom Cavity Filter , Custom SMD Filter, Custom Duplexer & Diplexer. More questions or need further information about design filter service, please Contact us

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