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What is Modular Design?

Modular Design, its work content is to subdivide a continuous overall system and cut into many independent small units, each unit has a variety of different exclusive functions. The unit could not only operate its exclusive functions independently, but also be combinated into different system structures and work together, which called modules or blocks. 


Modular design can analyze and summarize products with the same or different functions or performance specifications, and divide a series of different functional modules. By dividing a comprehensive function or  task into a variety of different functional modules through module design, it is possible to launch customized products that can meet the goals according to different market requirements, customer needs or various practical purposes, and then Reach the ultimate goal. 

TThe biggest advantage of module design is that it has great flexibility and variability. It can change according to market demand at any time and launch the product portfolio that best meets the needs. It has the characteristics of high customized energy, diversified matching and low cost. 

For the RF field, RF module design is a very important part. It can quickly and fully match the needs of the new generation and new markets, such as: 5G generation equipment upgrade requirements, various industries launch new product applications, RF module design is the most suitable field to meet current and future development.

Common popular applications:
-RF module-5G equipment and system development
-RF module-IoT /AIoT system                                     
-RF module-Car electronic system                              
-RF module-Big Data Sensing System                        
-RF module-SECURITY system                                   
-RF module-satellite communication system               
-RF module-Radar system                                           

Temwell Brand of  RF Microwave Components used in Different Radar Band and Application
Module design requires fully supported component development services to meet various changing development needs, especially in Developing Lead Time. Based on our abundant experience, Temwell group is your best partner.

Temwell development team provides the most complete and comprehensive RF Filter development energy, including: Center frequency, Bandwidth, Insertion loss, and Return loss , Ripple, Group delay, Power, Size, Connector using, Filter type, Filter funtion, etc. 


At the same time, Temstron supply source provides customized and standard supply of various RF & Microwave components in addition to RF Filter. Includes: RF Duplexer/Diplexer, RF Splitter/Combiner, RF Multiplexer, RF Amplifier, RF Attenuator, RF Coupler, RF Isolator, RF Circulator, etc. 


The greatest thing is all our evaluation time will be only 7 workdays. Temwell group's comprehensive services on RF & mmWave Fitler & Components will be modules Design engineers or studios are great helpers. We have the extreme confidence to satisfy all your requirements.
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