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How Does RF Filter Support Sub-1G Application?

RF Filters can support Sub-1G application which is to set the main use frequency band of wireless communication application in the section above 300M below 1GHz (1000MHz). Using the frequency band below 1 GHz, the corresponding wavelength type has the best economic effect. When the signal and data transmission is performed at a frequency below 1 GHz, it will have the best performance and moderate energy consumption.

After entering the 5G generation, the market has increasingly higher requirements for ultra-large transmission volume and transmission speed. In the past, the use of SUB-1G in 4G was limited by the limited transmission bandwidth and could not effectively increase the transmission speed and transmission volume. Therefore, the World Wireless Communications Organization has decided to increase the transmission frequency by increasing the transmission frequency, so that the transmission of signals and data can be greatly increased. Therefore, after entering the 5G generation, the transmission frequency band will be 3GHZ, 6GHZ, Mainly at 20GHZ.  

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After several years of efforts, the transmission speed and total amount of signals and data have indeed grown by a huge margin. The entire wireless communication industry has officially entered the 5G generation, but because the frequency band used has been increased to the Super-high frequency (SHF) band, The characteristics of the SHF band also make RF engineers suffer from the development and design of corresponding communication products and equipment.

For example, SHF has a short wavelength and needs to set up more base stations; energy consumption is fast and easy to be blocked; the transmission distance is short, and more relay stations are needed; the coverage rate is low, and the basic antenna requirements for the transmitting base station are high; the frequency band is super high, and the paired equipment and components need to be specially designed to cooperate, etc.

RF microwave components support Sub-1G application in Aviation, Mining, Public Safety.
Of course, RF engineers racked their brains to launch corresponding solutions one after another. At the same time, because of the performance upgrades in IC design and related fields, complementing each other, 5G communications can be smoothly realized and commercialized, and the overall communications. The industry can feel faster and more massive wireless transmission capabilities, which in turn promotes industrial upgrades and product applications. Usually, the common rf filter support Sub-1G application fields which we can see about aviation, mining, public safety, detector, alarm, surveillance, automated control, smart street light, remote controller, indoor WLAN, smart meter, TPMS, and others.

For IC processing capabilities and performance upgrades in related fields, it helps solve the difficulties in the design of SHF bands and then achieves high transmission speed and large transmission volume. But on the other hand, if the evolution of IC processing capabilities is combined with the Sub-1GHz frequency band, the "Sub-1GHz bandwidth is insufficient to increase the transmission volume" by increasing the transmission rate. 

RF microwave components support Sub-1G application in detector, alarm, surveillance, automated control, smart street light, remote controller, indoor WLAN, smart meter, TPMS.
Although it is not possible to increase the transmission bandwidth but to speed up the transmission several times at the same time, it will have the same result that enables to achieve the equal transmission amount to the amount that the SHF band could perform.

Furthermore, when the Sub-1GHz frequency band solves the problem of transmission volume, its inherent advantages (long transmission distance, low energy consumption, and large coverage) will become a better communication method. For the demand of 5G generation, it is also A VERY GOOD design solution. 

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