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What is Home Security System?

The RF Home Security System is to set up physical equipment, match control software, and connect all software and hardware devices and circuits in series through wireless communication devices to construct a complete security protection system, including outdoor anti-theft equipment, indoor monitoring, and various Remote operation of facilities around the project home environment.


Currently, there are two common architecture modes, (1). DIY installation settings (2) professional company protection. 

(1). DIY
Users search online and purchase a single security protection device to set up security protection for the home environment, such as: physical monitor for remote monitoring and recording, infrared anti-theft, alarm monitoring, remote locking, etc. The cost is low, but because it is not professional enough, it is impossible to provide effective and comprehensive protection 

(2) professional company protection
Through the design and planning by the professional anti-theft company, comprehensive monitoring equipment is introduced and physical personnel patrols are used for security protection at the same time. Complete protection can be fully implemented, but the cost will be pretty high to maintain the system working. 

Both of the above methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users could choose the most suitable method according to their needs and budget. However, they basically focus on safety protection and do not consider the new generation demand in home environment control. 
Entering the 5G generation, consumer needs for home protection systems, in addition to comprehensive security protection, have also greatly increased their needs and demands for remote control operations in home spaces. Therefore, the new Home security Alarm architecture appears in the Home security market.
After many discussions, the Home security Alarm industry has jointly promoted the latest Home security Alarm architecture proposed by the Z-wave alliance: 2gig alarm system.  In addition to the original wired and wireless security anti-theft system, the 2gig alarm system also includes  the intelligent environment system to construct a powerful Smart home system. Under the promotion of a unified framework agreement: 2gig alarm through the z-wave alliance, various Home security Alarm operators and suppliers can have a standard when developing related new products and new devices. 
The 2gig alarm architecture from Z-wave alliance, in simple terms, uses 2 independent frequency bands to connect each various hardware equipment and communicate with all software system as a complete internal circuit. Also, the entire working funtion could exchange external network data by WIFI structure.

a. External communication network: WIFI system                                  
b. Between SMART HOME hosts: 900M frequency band                       
c. Between SMART HOME host and SENCERS: 345M frequency band

The 2gig alarm architecture of the z-wave alliance is similar to the standardization of the 5G communication protocol, allowing different companies in the Home security Alarm field to use the standard protocol architecture to promote their professional fields, thereby allowing the overall Home security Alarm industry to grow Strong.  

In order to be able to support the 2gig alarm architecture of the z-wave alliance, Temwell deesign and developing team provides comprehensive RF component desgin services for 900M and 345M, including: RF filters and other RF components, including: Helical Filter, Cavity Filter, SMD Filter; and supply a flexible Customized services in performance specificaiton , including Bandwidth, Attenuation value, size, connectors type, structural configuration, etc. 

Fo all Home security Alarm development engineers and industry professionals who leading-in  the 2gig alarm architecture, welcome to us for joint research and development. 
We have the extreme confidence to satisfy all your requirements. To learn more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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