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75 ohm band pass filters are widely used in broadcast industry to distribute audio or video content to audience. For more than two decades, Temwell is the one of the best suppliers of RF & Microwave solution. We have 26 years of experience in designing and producing helical band pass filters. To meet the needs of RF & Microwave, we use λ/4 wavelength technology to design 75 ohm helical band pass filters. The 75 ohm helical band pass filters can be used to isolate or filter out certain frequencies that lie within a particular band or range of frequencies.

Temwell supplies double tuning / triple tuning / quadruple tuning / quintuple tuning 75 ohm helical band pass filters. Center frequency range 42MHz-2600MHz with -3dB bandwidth 2MHz-120MHz, 3dB low insertion loss, high attenuation and minimum 12dB return loss. The 75 ohm helical band pass filters can support frequency fine-tuning. Click How to make self-tuning to learn tuning.


To view 75 ohm helical band pass filters product lineup

7H2L Series (15.2x7.6x12.5)

7H3L Series (22.8x7.6x12.5)

7H4L Series (30.5x7.6x12.5)

7H5L Series (38x7.6x12.5)

5WL2 Series (11.2x5.6x8.6)

5WL2 Series (16.8x5.6x8.6)

5WL4 Series (22.4x5.6x8.6)

Moreover, to support new developing engineers in 75ohm application area, Temwell new-open 75ohm filter
service will be your best assistant.Flexible and changeable service for all your specific requirement in Filter, including Frequency change, Bandwidth Change, Attenuation adding, Type change, etc. 

  Frequency change range:45MHZ~2600MHZ
 Bandwidth change range:1MHZ~100MHZ
 Attenuation adding range: 10 dB increasing each upgrading
Type change: PIN type, Connector type, SMD type


Based on our abundant experience, we also support impedance 50 ohm change to 75 ohm other specifications remain unchanged. You can select 50 ohm band pass filter from Helical Bandpass Filter product lineup.

In order to satisfy RF engineers small quantity prototype in short time, Temwell Shopline Store provide standard helical band pass filter from stock. We can deliver the filters in 72 hours. Click Temwell Filter Store to see datasheet.

Temwell are RF engineers best partner providing cost effective solution to solve problem. We can help and meet your specifications demands. The products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance and California Proposition 65 compliance. For more 75 ohm helical band pass filters information, please contact us. Email: sales@temwell.com.tw


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