Customized RF Components and Microwave


As you know, microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation wave. Its wavelength range is about 1 meter to 1 millimeter in length, and the frequency range covered is 300MHz to 300GHz. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, Conversely, the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength; the difference is that the length of the wave causes a difference in the magnitude of the range that can be transmitted or expanded, because the larger and longer waves can easily cross the blocked object, Shorter and smaller waves require more waves (energy) to break through the blocked object. Therefore, when the field of wireless communication uses microwaves to transmit signals and data, it will have the same influence on the rules of wavelength characteristics. Different wavelengths at different frequencies will result in different signal transmission effects and different results.

Taking into account the difference in wavelength characteristics formed at different frequencies is an important factor that must be considered in RF engineering design.

Based on long-term experience, we can know that in the sub-1GHz frequency band, the corresponding wavelength type has the best economic effect, and the signal and data transmission is performed at sub-1GHz, which will have the most suitable performance with moderate energy
. proimages/application/sub-1G/sub-1GHz_Band_filter-1.jpg

Therefore, for a long time, all kinds of wireless communication products have been designed in the sub-1GHz range. Even if the 5G standard is published, many RF products is transmitted at the 5G frequency band as carrier and still working at SUB-1GHZ band for terminal product signal transmission after frequency down-converting, such as: household electronics appliances, car communication, regional network communication, IoT transmission, M2M communication, Shipping and aviation communications, mining communications , public safety systems, etc., all of the above using shows the importance of the SUB-1GHZ frequency band.

For the deepest development experience of the SUB-1GHZ frequency band, Temwell group presents the most complete research and development team, whether it is Helical Filter, Cavity Filter and DR Filter can provide a comprehensive SUB-1GHZ frequency Design, from 45MHz to 1GHz, every point of frequency band can customize the best filter performance for you to use. Here we demonstrate more than 3000 completed specification with spec sheet online for your reference. Any online specification can be redesigned as a development template, including internal parameter changes, such as: frequency, bandwidth, attenuation value, RL, etc., as well as external dimensions, categories (Cavity, DR, Helical), Or types (Connector, SMT, Pin) etc.


Following, you could see Temwell establish bandpass Filters for Sub-1GHz design application. According to standard using frequency band and bandwidth, we show out our filter performance at fc= 783MHz, 722.5MHz, 868MHz, 928 MHz, 433MHz and 450Mhz, etc.

During these frequency band, Temwell offer not only standard BW spec., but also at least 5 different BW spec item for your RF design,  ex:  5MHz, 10MHz,
15MHz, 20MHz, 30MHz, 40MHz, 60MHz, 80MHz, 100MHz, 130MHz,etc.

A. Bandpass Filter type
Temwell RF Bandpass Helical Filter, including PIN type filter and Connector type filter, 
has excellent customized technology, which is the worldwide Expert for your RF 

B. Customized Service
We sustain Frequency change service (from 45MHz ~2600MHz) and Bandwidth change service    (1MHz ~100MHz) to you, which means we could build up your specific protection cover around     your specific RF signal.

Not mater what frequency with what bandwidth, Temwell could build it up by Bandpass Filter in 
Pin type or Module type as your wish.

proimages/application/sub-1G/Filter-Custom.jpg  proimages/application/sub-1G/BW-Custom.jpg  proimages/application/sub-1G/TM-Custom.jpg

C. Reference Catalog for each frequency band
Sub-1GHz Band Filter



-3 B.W



Fo-( )M /( )dBc


Fo+( )M /( )dBc



TT6870A-783M 783MHz 8M 4.5 (20)20 (20)14 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3501B-783M 783MHz 8M 5.0 (50)38 (50)27 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)
TT67242D-722.5M 722.5MHz 15M 3.5 (50)48 (50)35 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3491B-722.5M 722.5MHz 15M 4.0 (50)39 (50)27 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)
TT67779B-868M 868MHz 15M 3.5 (50)36 (50)25 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3531B-868M 868MHz 15M 5.0 (50)39 (50)30 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)
TT67840B-928M 928MHz 15M 4.5 (50)40 (50)30 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3662B-928M 928MHz 15M 5.0 (100)45 (100)36 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)
TT67157B-433M 433MHz 15M 3.0 (50)46 (50)35 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3437A-433M 433MHz 15M 4.0 (50)41 (50)31 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)
TT63231E-450M 450MHz 15M 3.0 (30)25 (30)27 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5)
TTW3438A-450M 450MHz 15M 4.5 (30)22 (30)18 TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)