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Since 1974

Temwell Group is a Taiwan-based 5G RF Filter Companies and Manufacturer providing cutting edge 5G RF custom solutions in the field of Wireless Communications to steadily supply into high-end multi-markets, such as Aerospace, Satellite communication, AIoT, 5G Networking, Internet of Vehicles, Drone, Mining transmission, Medicals, Military, Lab, Transportation, Energy, Broadcasting (CATV) and etc.

TEMWELL Corporation is a worldwide expert and company in designing & manufacturing RF Helical BandPass Filter since 1994. We use λ/4 wavelength technology to develop all band RF Helical Band Pass Filters. We have designed and built up over 5000 completed spec sheets online for displaying all our excellent capability in reality. Furthermore, in order to satisfy more RF engineers and develop projects all over the world, we advance our R&D team into all kinds of 5G RF Filter as Cavity Filter and SMD DR Filter, supporting 4 basic types of the filter as well. In addition, we also extended RF technology to Temstron supply to successfully provide more entire RF solutions to achieve high-end technology, cost-effective and global compliance.

TEMWELL brand has focused on designing and manufacturing all kinds of RF Filters for more than 20 years, providing Helical Filter, Cavity Filter, LC Filter and SMD Filter in Highpass filter, Lowpass Filter, Bandpass Filter, and Bandstop (Notch) filter. Temwell 5G RF Filter companies and the R&D Team will be your great assistance.

Temstron brand provides Customized and standard 5G RF & Microwave components, includes RF Duplexer/Diplexer, RF Multiplexer, RF Combiner, RF Splitter, RF Power Divider, RF Attenuator, RF Circulator, RF Coupler, RF Power Amplifier/LNA, and Obsolete coil & inductor solution. Our strong supply source will be your first selection of 5G RF Microwave components.

Custom Design Capability

Temwell and Temstron R&D Team have outstanding technical service in custom design of all kinds of RF Filters and RF & Microwave components. We support customized service in the value of Center Frequency and Bandwidth change, indicated Insertion Loss, Return loss, Attenuation value, VSWR, Ripple and Group delay, and also, Power, dimension, connector type, and multiplexer as well.


Our Advantage is we have abundant and different RF products and our customers could have a one-stop service for their RF projects. Also, our rapid development speed and over 20 years of experience give Quick response with professional specification discussion.


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Satisfied Industrial Applications

5G Application/ Satellite/ UAV/ Internet of Vehicles/ Internet of Things/ AIoT/ Radar/ Regional Broadcasting/ Base Station/ Aerospace/Drone, Mining transmission/ Medicals, Military/ Lab Testing/ Transportation/ Energy/ Broadcasting (CATV), etc.

Temwell Group, including Temwell 5G RF Filter Design Expert and Temstron 5G RF Components Supply source, will continuously grow with our innovative R&D team by achieving customer satisfaction and success as our optimal goals.