RF Circulator

High Power RF Circulator is a kind of RF component, which usually consists of three ports, each port is isolated from the other two ports, using the characteristics of special magnetic materials inside, The signal transmission can only pass through in one direction sequentially, and cannot be returned in the reverse direction. It is usually designed clockwise or counterclockwise. For example: when a signal enters one of the ports, it exits the next port and continues in the same direction to the last port, forming a circular signal path. It is often used in radio communication and radar systems to isolate the signal between the receiver and the transmitter to prevent reverse power from being transmitted back to the source or other equipment, and it can also be used for load isolation of RF power amplifiers.

High Power RF Circulator by Temwell®
Based on over 25 years of experience, Temwell Group extends one-stop service for other 5G RF & Microwave components as RF solutions in designing and manufacturing in Circulators. Our customer service covers frequency indicating, Connector selecting, and performance spec indicating as below.
  • Pass Frequency band: VHF/ UHF/ Single band/ Dual Band/ Multi Band
  • Power: 5-100W
  • Type: Attenuator / Isolator / Coupler / Circulator/ etc.
  • Impedance: 50 /75 ohm
  • Connector: SMA, F, N, others

If you have any specific demand for any 5G RF Microwave components, Temwell group would be your absolute first option. Looking forward to working with you. Contact us for further consultant service.

RF Circulator