RF Filter is a kind of electronic component which is usually utilized to allow or stop particular signals or frequencies (in Radio Frequency spectrum) in order to eliminate noise (interference) or pass-through of wanted signals. In other words, an RF filter is designed to allow for the attenuation or transmission of a range of frequencies that would be applied. An RF filter helps to cut out RF interference that could occur if your devices, equipment, instruments, or systems are noisily activated.

Temwell as a worldwide Custom RF Filter Manufacturers and Expert provide a variety of filters, such as RF Helical Filter, Standard Toko type Helical Filter, TM Module Power Filter, Cavity Filter, SMD DR Filter, SMD Ceramics Filter, and SMD Saw Filter as well and further supporting a full service of customized design RF microwave filters to satisfy all kinds of requirements in RF device development for different RF engineers, including Center Frequency, Bandwidth, Attenuation value, Size, Power, etc.

Besides, Temstron from Temwell Group expends to be the worldwide RF Components total supply source. By professional evaluation, Temstron provides all kinds of RF & Microwave components, including the proposal of Diplexer and Duplexer, the solution of discontinued inductors/coils, the best RF design in Splitters, Combiners, even Multiplexer, the device of RF Amplifiers and the other RF components in RF Attenuator, RF Isolator, RF Circulator, and RF Coupler as well.

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