7H5L Series catalog (75 ohm)

The 75ohm product series developed based on the standard 7H Filter series, which enable to completely convert from the 50ohm 7H series to 75 ohm without changing the performance.

Temwell design and develop 5POLE RF Helical Bandpass Filter as 7HL5 Series. The 7HL-5POLE series is developed base on the 7H-5POLE series. Except for the conversion to 75ohm, other values remain unchanged. The detailed item description is as follows.

*Center Frequency range: 42 ~ 1500MHz
*Bandwidth range: 2 ~ 120MHz
*Impedance: 75ohm
*Attenuation value: 20~30dB

Custom spec value service is available based on all standard P/N, including Frequency change, BW change, Attenuation value upgrading, Size change, Pin position change, and connectorized model, etc. You can select the item with the filter value closest to the requirement from each catalog of 7HL for in-depth customized service. It is also possible to directly select and develop from various catalogs of 7H series.

Freq Range
-3dB BW
Series Type
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Total 3
S/N P/N Freq Range -3dB BW IL @Fo-( )M/dB @Fo+( )M/dB Impedance Series Type Power Height Size-Height RF Range Stock Inquiry
1 TVL6526F-557M 556~595M 8M 6.5 (15)43 (15)40 In / Out :75 Ω 7H5L Pin 1~5W 12.5mm 38 X 7.6 UHF 0 pcs
2 TVL6545F-635.14M 641~660M 8M 7 (15)32 (15)32 In / Out :75 Ω 7H5L Pin 1~5W 12.5mm 38 X 7.6 UHF 0 pcs
3 TVL70643A-1170M 1101~1180M 25M 5.5 (50)47 (50)37 In / Out :75 Ω 7H5L Pin 1~5W 12.5mm 38 X 7.6 UHF 0 pcs