R&D Capability

Temwell Group is a worldwide expert dedicated to the development and manufacture of RF Filters and Microwave components. The R&D team has 25 years of rich experience and skills in development and design RF Filters and Microwave components. According to various requirements and project goals of customers, it can professionally customize all kinds of different types of RF Filters and Microwave components, providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, high-satisfaction products.

Including the implementation of RF Cavity Filter, RF Helical Filter, RF DR SMD Filter and RF Saw Filter in Bandpass Filter, Highpas Filter, Lowpass Filter and Bandstop Filter, as well as Duplexer/ Diplexer, Multiplexer, Splitter/Divider, Combiner, Attenuator, Isolator, Circulator of Microwave components , Coupler, Amplifier, Obsolete Coil/Inductors, and so on.

The company adheres to customer needs as the center, constantly creating and developing , actively exploring and innovating, continuously improves R&D capabilities and technologies, and strengthens product performance and quality, becoming a leader in the field of RF filters and Microwave components. Temwell Group is well-known in the industry for supplying customers with high-quality products and professional customized product specification services, and is well received and trusted by customers.

R & D Center

Temwell Group has a strong and professional R&D team, which launches a 7-day submission rapid evaluation service, quickly proposes the most suitable product solutions and customized product specifications, and provides customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-satisfaction products. Help customers quickly determine product specifications, reduce time costs, and improve production efficiency. According to the needs of customers, our professional R&D team can provide services covering evaluation, design, research and sample preparation.

Our R&D team is supported by experienced RF engineers and a professional knowledge database, providing a 7-day submission rapid evaluation service, accurately evaluating all kinds of different RF & Micorwave components, and proposing the best quality corresponding proposals.

The R&D team is equipped with complete R&D simulating software programs, years of RF component design skills and many advanced testing equipments, which can immediately conduct high-precision product simulation evaluations on all kinds of RF & Microwave component types, and design out the most suitable corresponding solutions.

With the evolution of the times and the market, our R&D team is also constantly growing and improving to ensure that our product development energy can accurately and completely meet the needs of customer requirements, and always maintain a leading position.

Temwell Group has strong manufacturing capabilities, which can fully realize the results of development evaluation. Through professional production lines and high-precision testing equipment, high-quality products are produced. And under the quality assurance system of ISO9001 certificate, ensuring that all products have been strictly tested and verified to meet international standards.

Temwell Group's professional production team can provide stable and high-quality finished products, so that the final products of high-performance, low-loss, and high-stability products can indeed meet customer requirements and expectations.

Software for Design

Temwell R&D team is a team with strong product development capabilities in RF Filter and Microwave components, using RF simulation software, such as, ANSYS Designer, ANSYS Material Designer, ANSYS HFSS, AWR Microwave office, and CoupleFil and other software.

Five mainly RF simulation softwares assist Temwell R&D engineers to achieve :

  1. Integrated design and material characteristic analysis: quickly select the most appropriate material.
  2. Electromagnetic field analysis: It can help RF engineers better understand the performance of the product in different environments.
  3. Simulate the status of RF circuits: It can help RF engineers to design and analyze various circuits.
  4. Test of cross-device measurement platform: It can help RF engineers to analyze the effectiveness of the newly design RF circuit solutions and RF developing proposals.
  5. RF Filter design simulation: It can help RF engineers to design all kinds of RF Filters and evalatete the estimated performance.

A variety of RF simulation software helps Temwell R&D team to evaluate various inquiry cases in RF & Microwave components, not only can respond quickly and meet the requirements of various customized RF products from customers, but also provide corresponding development plans and solution, and at the same time ensure the integrity of the design plan has feasibility and the stability in product quality.
Through such firm and powerful R&D capabilities and design capabilities, the Temwell R&D team has more competitive than other manufacturers in the highly competitive market, and is able to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance development services, and can respond more quickly and achieve the RF product customized requirements from customer.

ANSYS Material Designer

ANSYS Material Designer is a software that integrates design and material property analysis. Material selection and evaluation can be carried out to help RF engineers better understand the characteristics of different materials, so as to design products that better meet customer needs.
And without compromising product quality, increase development speed. Combining the powerful functions and ease of use of ANSYS Designer, Temwell R&D team can develop high-quality and high-performance RF & Microwave components, which can fully meet the needs of customers.


ANSYS HFSS is a powerful 3D electromagnetic simulation software, which is specially used to simulate various electromagnetic field problems, including radio frequency, microwave, antenna, EMI, SI, PI and other problems, supporting RF engineers better understand the performance of the product in different environments. Powerful simulation capability conduct electromagnetic field simulation, analyze the influence of electromagnetic field in the design, and help RF engineers further optimize the design and improve design efficiency. Using ANSYS HFSS will enable Temwell R&D team to have stronger market competitiveness.

AWR Microwave office

AWR Microwave Office is a professional RF circuit simulation software that can help designers perform accurate RF and microwave component simulations when designing electronic circuits. RF engineers can design and optimize RF components more quickly, reduce errors and costs during the design process, and improve design accuracy and efficiency. AWR Microwave Office can be used to design, optimize and analyze various radio frequency components, such as power amplifiers, mixers, filters, antennas, etc. And perform a variety of different analyzes such as S-parameters, power, noise, etc. This makes Temwell R&D team to gain a more complete understanding of the performance and limitations of their new designs, allowing to better meet customer needs.

Advanced Design System

ADS (Advanced Design System) is a cross-device measurement platform simulation software, which can be used as a common measurement platform between RF components and RF components, and between systems and RF components. It can combine test hardware and software, exchange and share data between devices, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy of device testing and measurement. It helps Temwell R&D team perform efficient and accurate simulation and measurement when performing RF & microwave signal integrity analysis, greatly improving the completion and reliability of R&D results.

CST Acquires CoupleFil Software

CoupleFil (CST Acquires CoupleFil Software) is an RF filter simulator used for designing and simulating the cavity-structure interaction performance of filters. With high accuracy and flexibility, it can simulate a variety of different filter structures, including microstrip filters, waveguide filters, ceramic filters, etc. Through CoupleFil, Temwell R&D team can complete filter design and verification faster, and it is easier to perform complex analysis and optimization, thereby improving design capabilities and meeting different kinds of customized development requirements from customers.

Our Analysis Devices

Network analyzers play an indispensable and important role in the design of RF Filter and Microwave components. They can not only ensure the accuracy of development samples, but also one of the elements to stabilize product quality after manufacturing. Network Analyzer is an instrument used to measure the reflection and transfer characteristics of RF components at different frequencies. It is used in many different fields, such as antenna design, wireless communication systems, radar systems, etc., because of its high credibility in the ability to measure and analyze RF signals.

In the design and development of RF & Microwave components, RF engineers can measure and analyze the reflection loss, transmission loss, bandwidth, group delay and other characteristics of RF components through network analyzers, so as to ensure that the design of the components meets the customer requirements. Secondly, in the manufacturing of RF components, in order to ensure that the produced RF products have a stable quality level, it is necessary to continuously use Network Analyzers to monitor the performance of RF components during the production process, after the production is completed, and when the stock is out of the warehouse.

Although the cost of setting up Network Analyzers is expensive, in order to meet the high-quality requirements of RF & Microwave components, Temwell Group has built more than 20s Network Analyzer equipment groups, and regularly calibrates and inspects Network Analyzers to ensure that they can correctly measure the reflection and transmission characteristics of RF components, and then provide customers with the highest quality design solutions and stable performance product supply.


Temwell Group is a professional manufacturer of high-frequency RF Filter & Microwave components. It not only has an expert R&D team with more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing RF components, but also has a strong and complete production capacity, providing customized design and supply of various RF & Microwave products, especially in RF Cavity Filter, RF Helical Filter and SMD DR Filter, which are professional among professionals, with excellent products and guaranteed quality. In addition, Temwell Group can also support different supply quantities according to different usage needs of customers, which could perfectly meet customers' expectations to the greatest extent.

In order to ensure high-efficiency production and stable quality, Temwell Group has well-equipped workshops and equipment, as well as professional production operators. The company adopts the quality management system of ISO9001 certified, through regular testing and strengthening the monitoring of the quality assurance team, to assure that the manufactured RF components are stable, reliable and durable.
Temwell Group attaches great importance to quality control in the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of finished products must undergo strict testing and control. The company's production team is professional and experienced, and can quickly solve problems encountered in production, ensuring product quality and the stability of production progress.
In addition, the QC team of Temwell Group is also very important. It conducts product inspection and testing through various testing instruments, inspects and evaluates the performance and stability of products with the highest standards, and assures that products meet specifications and customer needs, that all items are with high quality standard.
Temwell Group is a supplier of RF & Microwave components with a strong and complete production capacity, providing a variety of RF products of different product categories and supply services to meet different needs. They have a high-efficiency production team, stable quality, sufficient plant and equipment, professional production personnel and ISO 9001 certified quality management system, as well as a strong quality assurance team. They are serious, reliable and trustworthy enough to meet the ever-changing market of various needs. If you are looking for RF components with high quality and stable performance, Temwell Group will be your ideal partner.

Helical Filter

Temwell professional RF component production team manufactures high-quality Helical Filters based on the quality management system framework of ISO9001 certified. Using high-quality metal wires and high-quality materials as the body, the winding and assembly of the core body are performed by experienced operators. After precise welding and assembly operations, the performance of the Helical Filter is measured by the technicians with 25 years of production experience through the network analyzer to ensure that each finished components has the highest level of craftsmanship. After strict testing and certification, the stable and reliable final products can be used by customers.

SMD DR Filter

Temwell professional RF component production team adopts a strict attitude to produce high-quality SMD Dielectric Filters. The development proposal that custom designed for customers will be input into the production process. With 25 years of production experience, the most suitable Yuden material formula is prepared, and precision molding equipment is used for complete consistent sintering operations, and cutting and shaping are carried out according to the specifications. Then professional commissioning personnel use network analyzers to measure and conduct 100% product adjustment tests to confirm that product performance fully meets the requirements of the indicators. By completely implement the quality management system of ISO9001 certified, we enable to assure that products with high reliability and consistency.

Cavity Filter

Temwell professional RF component production team executes a strict production process to make Cavity Filters. The complete transfer is made according to the specification proposal developed by the professional R&D team for customers, using high-quality metal alloy raw materials and high-precision CMC processing equipment. During the production process, we constantly pay attention to the correctness of each step, and focus to the accuracy of cutting and assembly to assure the stability and durability of the product. After precise testing and inspection in structure, Network Analyzer is used to measure and confirm that the product performance fully meets the specification requirements. All procedures are carried out under the quality management system of ISO9001 certified, and quality control is implemented in every link of production to meet the product quality that requested by customers.


Temwell group is a world-class supplier specializing in the production of RF Filter and Microwave components. It has a strong and stable production capacity. It can support more than 20k pcs of Cavity Filters, more than 200kpcs of SMD Dielectric Filters and more than 60k pcs of Helical Filters every year, enabling to satisfy different production services according to customer requirements.
In order to meet the requirements from different customers, the factory has professional mass production capabilities and can produce various types of RF Filters and Microwave components. The factory provides long-term order planning and scheduled supply, and can also respond to customers' urgent supply needs.
Our factory has a complete production line and technology, equipped with advanced machinery and device and sophisticated testing instruments to ensure that the performance of the final product can meet the requirements. At the same time, the well-storage environment has done for all RF & Microwave components. Furthermore, we also have sufficient operating personnel, and an experienced production team to process the accurate assembly and adjustment procedures. All manufacturing steps are under the strict control of ISO9001 quality system, every step from raw material procurement to finished product delivery is strictly controlled to provide high stable and reliable service to you.
The supplying of RF Filter and RF & Microwave components form Temwell group provides the advantages of reliable quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, which will be the best partner trusted by customers.