Alternative Toko Filter

TOKO filter is the first supplier of Helical filter on the market. It is designed and produced by TOKO, Japan. It provides a large number of fixed frequency standard products at that time. Before 2000, there was only TOKO Helical filter, Toko filter was the synonymous word as helical filter.Until 2005, due to the production characteristics of the helical filter, which requires a lot of labor to produce, TOKO estimated that it would not be able to balance profit and loss in the future and decided to withdraw from the market.The production line of the Helical Filter 7HT/7HW/5HT/5HW series has been discontinued. Except for the needs of long-term customers or contracted customers, mass production and stocking are no longer available. Therefore, the market demand for Helical filters can only rely on the inventory from local distributors for many years.

With more than 10 years of development and production experience, TEMWELL officially launched the 5g Toko Type Helical Filter-7HT/7HW/5HT/5HW series as standard substitutes, and it becomes a stable supply source of Helical filters to meet the long-term market demand. Especially in the advantages of avoiding redesign and performance consistent, customers could install Temwell Filter to their production line directly.Further in 2010, TEMWELL established Customized services in Toko type helical filters, low custom design charge, and highly flexible support in filter performance, which enable to satisfy the application specifications of new products emerging in the market.

Temwell Toko Helical Filters
Temwell is a worldwide expert in designing and manufacturing Helical BandPass Filter. Based on the experience of over 25 years, Temwell designs and presents Helical Band Pass Filters for Toko Filter replacement, including Toko 5H Series, 7H Series, 13H Series, and 19H Series. Especially in 5H Series and 7H Series, it is PIN-TO-PIN replaced design and 100% equal performance as bellow. Our online standard Catalog is here for you.
  • Toko 5H Series replacement
  • Toko 7H Series replacement
  • Toko 13H Series replacement
  • Toko 19H Series replacement
  • Toko 5CH Series replacement

Are you looking for Toko Filter replacements? Temwell is the professional 5G heilical filter supplier that you can trust. Contact us right away if you have any demands for our products!

Toko type Helical Filter Standard Replacement

Temwell provides Toko type Helical Band Pass Filters as Toko Filter replacement. Within Temwell and Toko across list as following link, you can directly find out your requested Toko Helical filter parts as second source.

Toko Type Filter in Customized Service

Temwell not only provide standard replaced Toko type Helical Filter, but also support the customized filter performance based on the original Toko type spec. Customers could have more flexible performance spec range without amending the original PCB layout. Contact us for more information.

  • Fast delivery: just 14 workdays
  • Small MOQ: 10 pcs each only
  • RoHS / REACH compliant
Other Toko Alternative Filter Series