RF Attenuator

High Power RF attenuator is a passive electronic component widely used in telecommunications and wireless communication systems, and its main function is to reduce the energy power of the signal with not destroying the signal waveform in operation. Usually, Attenuator is in the opposite side of the Amplifier. It helps to reduce the power from the signal when the power is too strong and will cause equipment to break so that the chip can smoothly handle the transmitted message without being damaged by the excess energy. It can play a role in controlling the signal strength in the communication system. Usually it could be divided into two types: fixed rf attenuators and adjustable rf attenuators. The attenuation value of a fixed attenuator is fixed. The adjustable rf attenuator, variable rf attenuator can change its attenuation value by adjusting its internal resistor or switch. RF Amplifiers and RF Attenuators are two very important RF components for engineers when designing communication loops to transmit power.

High Power RF Attenuator Design Solution Provider from Taiwan Temwell® Company
Based on over 25 years of experience, Temwell Group extends one-stop service for other 5G RF & Microwave components as RF solutions in designing and manufacturing in RF Attenuator. Our customer service covers frequency indicating, Connector selecting, and performance spec indicating as below.
  • Pass Frequency band: VHF/ UHF/ Single band/ Dual Band/ Multi Band
  • Power: 5-100W
  • Type: Attenuator / Isolator / Coupler / Circulator/ etc.
  • Impedance: 50 /75 ohm
  • Connector: SMA, F, N, others

If you have any specific demand for any 5G RF components, Temwell group should be your absolute first option. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Contact us now.

RF Attenuator