5G RF SMD Filter

5G RF SMD Filter is a RF Filter that works on the type of SMD (Surface Mounted Devices). It commonly includes ceramic filter, dr filter and saw filter.RF Ceramic Filter/RF DR Filter:Ceramic filters are one of the various types of radio frequency (RF) filters and also one of the four most common filters. Due to the advent of the 5G generation, IoT products are growing rapidly. The demand for ceramic filters that can support high-frequency bands with small dimension size has grown substantially.

A ceramic filter is also a combination of resonators, made of high-stability piezoelectric ceramics, and a filter composed of several resonators, which are passive components. Ceramic filters use specially formulated powders that contain various metals and chemical materials. Through high-temperature sintering, the ceramic materials are transformed into resonators that can be energized to generate radio frequency functions, or even directly become filters. Through different formulas, different filter characteristics can be produced.

Because of its small size, ceramic filters can be installed in a mass machine production mode. Therefore, ceramic filters on the market are commonly designed in the form of SMD. Except for the difference in size and installation methods, ceramic filters are the same as cavity filters. There are usually 4 types, including band pass filters, high pass filters, low pass filters and band rejection filters.

Commonly used are the following communication product applications:

  • Wireless communication equipment: truck communication, train communication, ocean and air communication.
  • Broadcasting equipment: TV, cable TV
  • Network communication equipment: indoor TX and RX devices, walkie-talkie
  • Disaster prevention communication equipment: fire fighting, emergency broadcast
  • Equipment measurement: laboratory development, testing center experiment
  • Signal jamming: building jamming, hospital jamming, military facility jamming
RF SMD Filter
Based on over 25 years experience, Temwell Group presents one-stop service in 5G RF SMD Filter with high quality and quick solutions, including 5G Ceramic Filter, 5G DR Filter, 5G Saw Filter, and 5G LC Filter. Our main products are Highpass filter, Lowpass filter, Bandpass filter, Bandstop filter, but we also offer custom service that covers frequency change, bandwidth change, attenuation value request, and impedance change as bellow.
  • Frequency band: 400M to 6GHz
  • Bandwidth: DC to 40GHz
  • Impedance: 50 /75 ohm

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Frequency: DC ~ 6GHz
SMD LC Filter with DC ~ 6GHz
Bandwidth: 1MHz~1GHz
RF SMD Filter with 1MHz~1GHz
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