Other 5G RF Components

In the RF circuit design of communication equipment, except to the basic RF signal parts, such as Oscillators, Amplifiers, Duplexers, Power Divider/Combiners, and Filters, sometimes in order to meet various design conditions, ex: power level, environment condition, size limitation, and frequency band interaction and interference, there are various 5G RF microwave components are added to achieve the final overall communication loop design. Other common 5G RF components are RF Attenuators, RF Isolators, RF Couplers, and RF Circulators. The addition of these RF microwave components, it can assist RF engineers in successfully developing a communication loop design that can meet their needs even in the face of various difficult development conditions.

RF Microwave Components Supplier by Temwell
Based on over 25 years of experience, Temwell Group extends one-stop service for other 5G RF & Microwave components as RF solutions in designing and manufacturing, including Attenuator, Isolator, Coupler, Circulator, etc. Our customer service covers frequency indicating, Connector selecting, and performance spec indicating as below.
  • Pass Frequency band: VHF/ UHF/ Single band/ Dual Band/ Multi Band
  • Power: 5-100W
  • Type: Attenuator / Isolator / Coupler / Circulator/ etc.
  • Impedance: 50 /75 ohm
  • Connector: SMA, F, N, others

If you have any specific demand for any 5G RF Microwave components, the Temwell group should be your absolute first option. We are looking forward to working with you in the future. Contact us for further information now.

RF & Microwave Components type
RF Coupler

A coupler can also be called a directional coupler, which is a passive RF component, mainly used for microwave communication areas. In the design of the radio frequency loop, two different microwave signals need to be guided and synthesized into one microwave signal and then used or transmitted, so that the signal can be used in connection with the entire communication loop. Or it can do more complicated applications in RF loops.

3 Db Hybrid RF Couplers by Temwell
RF Isolator

The isolator is a 2-port radiofrequency component that can only transmit microwave signals in a single direction. The main function is to protect the main parts and equipment from damage due to excessive signal energy. This component is designed to prevent the signal energy from passing through, thereby fully blocking the overflowing energy in the main signal loop, and by limiting and isolating the excess energy signal, so that the entire communication loop can be protected by an extra layer. This design concept often appears in many kinds of electronic equipment or electronic products. So, the Isolation component as the Isolator is also created in the RF circuit design.

Drop-in & SMD ISOLATOR by Temwell
RF Attenuator

The attenuator is a passive component whose main function is to reduce the energy power of the signal with not destroying the signal waveform in operation. Usually, Attenuator is in the opposite side of the Amplifier. It helps to reduce the power from the signal when the power is too strong and will cause equipment to break so that the chip can smoothly handle the transmitted message without being damaged by the excess energy. Amplifiers and Attenuators are two very important RF components for engineers when designing communication loops to transmit power.

RF Coaxial Attenuators by Temwell
RF Circulator

The circulator is a passive RF component, which is very common using in RF Circuit design. The design concept is to provide an irreversible three-connector or four-connector component, which only allows microwave signals to be output directly through port B after entering from port A and this signal will not cause interference to the signal at port C. The standard three-port circulator operation mode is that the microwave signal enters from port 1 and can only exit from port 2; enters from port 2 and can only exit from port 3; enters from port 3 and can only exit from port 1, and so on.

Drop-in & SMD CIRCULATOR by Temwell
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