• 2019
    • Join to the Member of the worldwide professional electronic components Enter Website- Globalspec
    • Build up RWD system and big data system into new official Temwell website
  • 2018
    • Successfully Attending Microwave Exhibition: 2018 EUMW in SPAIN
    • Completed the structure system in human resource according the latest requirement of official law regulation.
  • 2017
    September Temwell Group successful passes the worldwide verification of Business Information by Germany TÜV Rheinland Company.
    • Join Worldwide 4th Large Enter Website - Taiwantrade
    • Build up new Temwell Filter Shop with online payment 24 hours
  • 2016
    Successfully upgrading ISO9001Certified into 2015 edition.
    • Set up Facebook - TEMSTRON as Main establishing channel for RF & Mircowave Components
    • New support product : RF Components includes Duplexer, Splitter, Combiner, Attenuator, Isolator, Coupler, Amplifier
    Successfully Attending Microwave Exhibition: 2016 EUMW in London
  • 2015
    Successfully Attending Microwave Exhibition: 2015 EUMW in Paris
    • Set up Facebook - TEMWELL as Main establishing channel for Helical Bandpass Filter
    • New focus product : SMD Filter Solution, including DR Filter, Ceramic Filter, Saw Filter & LC Filter
  • 2014
    New website for Temwell Group Open - www.temwell.com New Supply service:

    Alternative COIL & Inductor service as obsoleted coil & inductor solution

  • 2013
    New provide Service:

    Custom Cavity Filter with high pass filter, low pass filter, bandpass filter and duplexer.

  • 2012
    New Issue:

    Temwell New series as RF Component supply source in the world

  • 2011
    Taipei plant moved to Head office at 6F-2, NO.51, Sec.1, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan New Issue:

    Temwell Ham radio standard series

  • 2010
    Successfully Re-new ISO9001:2008 Certified New open- New York Office in USA New Issue:

    Temwell 7S Series for SMD type requirement

  • 2009
    New Issue:
    1. Temwell Toko Type Helical Filter - 7HT/7HW/5HT/5HW
    2. Temwell Website Shop Store  
  • 2008
    New Issue:

    Successfully introduced SAP- Enterprise Resource Planning system which improves customer service and makes enterprise operation more effectively and efficiently

    Announced: New Issue: 2way / 4 Way BandPass Antenna Splitter . There are two types.

    One: BandPass Splitter 2-4 Way with the Same Frequency.

    Others: BandPass Splitter 2-8 Ways with different Frequency.

  • 2007

    ISO9001:2000 Certified 2008

    New Issue:
    1. VHF 20 Watts 2 Way Power Diplexer
    2. VHF & UHF Power Diplexer
    3. TM50 - 50 Watts 50Ω Band Pass Filter 100-1100MHz
    4. TM50L – 50 Watts 75Ω Band Pass Filter 100-1100MHz
    5. TM30 – 30 Watts 50Ω Band Pass Filter 1300-2600MHz

    Our Band Pass Filter develop for engineer of any country FCC/PAL Channel. there are 4-10 Channel wide for choosing.