Alternative Coil & Inductor

Inductors, also known as coils, are the most basic passive components, usually composed of insulated wires wound into a coil.There are two most common uses for obsolete inductors:

  • Inductors are used to synthesize electronic filters to separate signals from different frequencies. Inductors can be combined with capacitors to form tuning circuits for tuning broadcast and television receivers. Or other similar purpose in RF circuit design.
  • Inductors are widely used in electronic equipment with alternating current power (AC), especially in radio equipment. They are used to block AC power while allowing DC power to pass through.

Inductance components come in many different forms and materials. With different maufacturing methods, an obsolete inductor will have different appearance and function. Some are wound with enameled wire in multiple circles, some are made of ferromagnetic materials, and some use wires to pass through magnetic materials without coils, etc. Therefore, an obsolete inductor can be diveded to many types, including plug-in, SMD, and molded types.

Commonly used are the following communication product applications:

  • Basic composition of the loop: power supply, monitor, switch, motherboard, scanner, telephone, modem, etc.
  • Prevent the interference of electromagnetic waves: electromagnetic radiation shielding, filtering noise in the current.
SMD Coils and Inductors
Temwell Group, as the worldwide expert in RF design area, supports high-quality service in obsolete solutions of coils and Inductors to cover the urgent needs of product lines, including Dip type, SMD type and some Mold type as well, especially in the bellow coil/inductor type.
  • Toko type replacement support
  • Sumida type replacement support
  • Murata replacement support

We have a full production line of obsolete inductors and coils, confident to meet your every need. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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