Customized RF Components and Microwave


TEMWELL provides effective RF solutions by RF Filters and Microwave components to prevent signal interference for LPWAN and LPWA systems in IoT devices and equipment.

What is LPWAN or LPWA?

In the planning of the Internet of Things, there are a large number of objects, equipment, and products that need to be connected to the wireless network to create the advantages of fast contact, accumulation of information, and on-time response. Therefore, it will be necessary to have a wireless network solution that can meet the requirements of low power, low bit rate, but enables to support long-distance communication. Later, with the efforts of various companies in this RF wireless supply chain, they are racing to introduce similar low-power communication network designs, collectively called LPWAN (low-power wide-area network) o LPWA (low-power wide-area). 
Every kind of LPWANs has its advantages and disadvantages.

Those more common types include the following three categories
- NB-IoT (is licensed and standard by 3GPP)                                                               
- Long Range / Low Power Wide Area Network: LoRa, Sigfox, Wi-sun (unlicensed)
- Short Range: Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (unlicensed)                                                   


So far, the use of the Internet of Things is mostly taken to support and meet various purpose in the industrial, scientific, and medical area, quickly collect and store data, and then analyze it through big data analysis in order to create the highest value. Thus, the above low power wireless communication technologies are mostly operating in industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) band, for example, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz. 

Furthermore, when many TX & RX (IoT) devices are operating in unlicensed frequency bands, the most important thing for the design engineers of TX & RX devices is to prevent signal interference. Therefore, installing a filter in the (front end) circuits will be very important. 

TEMWELL specializes in providing effective RF Filters and Microwave components to prevent such signal interference, including Band-pass, Band-stop, High-pass, and Low-pass, etc. The frequency, bandwidth, suppression, and package type can be customized. We can help to solve the interference problem in 5G. Temwell is the one of the best suppliers of RF & Microwave solution. proimages/application/LPWAN/RF_Solution_for_LPWA_-5.jpg

Based on our abundant experience, our products support low group delay, high bandwidth, good performance, power 5 watt up, and high efficiency to achieve 5G faster communications. We provide custom design proposals, including Helical Filter, Cavity Filter, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, Inductor, Coil, Diplexer, Duplexer, n-way Combiner, and all kinds of RF components. Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance, and California Proposition 65 compliance. 

If demo center frequency and bandwidth not suitable, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design service. We also support other designs and other types of filters and duplexers (e.g. Notch, Lowpass, Highpass, SMD, Cavity, Waveguide, etc) for higher power and outdoor application if required, please refer to Custom Cavity Filter , Custom SMD Filter, Custom Duplexer & Diplexer. More questions or need further information about the design filter service, please Contact us

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