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The frequency band used at 5G is different from that at 4G, 3G and 2G because the communication technology up to 4G in the past and various communication protocols including WiFi and Bluetooth mostly cover the use of low- and medium frequency bands below 3.5GHz. Therefore, in the 5G era, since the frequency bands below 3.5 GHz have been used, there are not enough clean frequency bands. However, in order to increase speed and meet the needs of large-scale transmission, 5G can only use high-frequency bands above 3.5 GHz.


So, the main frequency bands for 5G communication are two different frequency bands, namely Sub-6 with a frequency band below 6GHz, and the higher frequency millimeter wave (mmWave) above 24GHz.


The frequency band of Sub-6 is similar to the existing 4G LTE. The main difference is that the bandwidth of communication transmission is increased in order to expedite the speed, which is also known as Phase1 of 5G. Due to its similarity to 4G LTE, many equipment and technologies can continue using the existing infrastructure of 4G LTE , and the development difficulty and construction cost are lower than mmWave. Therefore; at present, most countries take Sub-6 as their main 5G development strategy. 


The frequency band of mmWave is above 24 GHz, which is much larger than Sub-6. Its transmission speed and penetrating power are very strong, and it is also called the 5G phase2. However, due to the huge difference in characteristics, the mmWave base station design has many technical problems awaiting to be solved, and the cost of infrastructure construction is high for sure.

There is one critical technical problem in the development of 5G mmWave base stations.

During 4G communication, the base station transmitting and receiving the signal can be separated the antenna and the signal processing host into 2 section in two different places. The antenna end can be pulled to the top of the building for optimal divergence and the data processing host can be placed in a well-protected room. 

However, in 5G communication, because the 5G frequency band is at 3.5G/6G/20G or more higher band,which belongs to the ultra-high frequency band, the current antenna and transmission line can’t handle and transmit 3.5 G/6G/20G signals far away. 

Therefore, 5G signals and data must be processed immediately during transmission or reception, that is to say, the antenna and the signal processing host must be set together, which makes the development and design of 5G base stations encountered great difficulties. 

The factors that need to be considered when developing and designing have also increased significantly. Therefore, having RF component development suppliers who can offer highly flexible design solutions is very important.


TEMWELL specializes in providing effective Radio Frequency Filters and RF Microwave components to give 5G antenna highly flexible back end design support, including band-pass, band-stop, high-pass and low-pass, etc. 

Based on our abundant experience, our products support low group delay, high bandwidth, good performance, power 5 watt up and high efficiency to achieve 5G faster communications. We provide custom design proposals, including Helical Filter, RF Cavity Notch Filter, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, SMD Inductors, SMD Coils, Diplexer and Duplexer, N-Way Combiner and all kinds of RF components. Every product is made in Taiwan and has passed ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance and California Proposition 65 compliance.

If standard center frequencies and bandwidths are not suitable for your needs, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design services and support custom design for types of filters and duplexers such as notch, lowpass, highpass, SMD, cavity, waveguide types, etc. If you have demands for higher power and outdoor application, then our 
Custom RF Cavity FilterCustom SMD FilterCustom Duplexer Diplexer are what you need! 


Temwell is one of the best RF microwave components supplier. We have the extreme confidence to satisfy all your requirements. To learn more information about our products, please do not hesitate to Contact us!

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