Customized RF Components and Microwave


Temwell presents RF BP Filter for VHF UHF BroadBand Filter application. Base on over 25years experience and our full series RF engineer team, we are confident to provide complete custom solution of BroadBand Filter during Frequency band from 250MHz to 40GHz with Bandwidth performance from 100MHz to 20GHz .

What is a broadband filter or wideband filter?

A broadband filter (wideband filter) especially means broadband bandpass filter, which is a RF component that allows multiple frequency bands or signals work at the same time. Without broadband filter (wideband filter), you will suffer un-expected frequency interfere or noise when your RF device is operating on specific purpose.

How does a broadband filter work?

The important feature of broadband filter is that it can cover a wide range of bandwidth, and outside of the required bandwidth, it can immediately provide good cut-off performance in Attenuation value, so that RF products can be well protected. In RF circuit, it needs just one RF component can support and assist many applications of different RF communication products to isolate noise. It is an important and common RF component in the use of various RF products.

Temwell as worldwide expert in RF Filter and Microwave design and manufacture supply customized solution of all kinds RF & Microwave Components in RF Transmission circuit , and providing one-stop service for worldwide clients based on our over 25years experience. Give you the quick proposals and adequate solution in all kinds of RF $ Microwave components are always our top mission and main goal.

Temwell can supply the custom service in very wide Bandwidth value and have good cut-off Attenuation value performance at one time. In addition, we can professionally provide customized center frequency parameters, ranging from 250MHz to 40GHz.

Especially, we could provide broadbroad filter with adjustable Center Frequency function, which is useful in your prototype testing to reduce the cost and developing time. As above, we not only provide custom spec service, but also enable to cover the various RF & Microwave components, such as Cavity Filter, SMD DR Filter and Helical Filter as well. For detailed parameters, please refer to the following

BW: 100~20GHz bandwidth with fixed Fc
BW: 100~200MHz Bandwidth with adjustable Fc
RL: 15db up
Cut-Off ATTENUAITON: 30-50db at least
type: Cavity Filter, SMD DR Filter and Helical Filter

Here we demo VHF UHF BroadBand B.P. Helical Filter in finished spec sheet and curve with curve performance as following in 3 pole series and 4 pole series. The difference in between is the Attenuation performance. 4 pole series has 10dB better than 3 pole series.

A.VHF UHF Broad Band  B.P. Helical Filter

Temwell provides special 3 pole/ 4 pole  RF  BandPass  Helical Filter  for  large  band  required  customers. All Broad band B.P. Filter has BW=100~150MHz during Fo= 276~1500MHz. Also, we provide the Frequency Customized at the same time so you can have a large band B.P. Filter with the accurate Center Frequency for your own design.


Series 7H3/ 7H4
Frequency (Fo) 276~1500MHz
Bandwidth (-3BW) 100~150MHz
Insertion Loss   < 1.5
Power 5-10Watt
Size Diagram 
 (L x W x H)
7H3 TT (22.8x7.6x12.5) mm
7H4 TF (30.5x7.6x12.5) mm
Impedance 50Ω / 75Ω

Customized Freq. Range

 7H3 Case

Parts No.


(-3 dB BW)

  7H4 Case

Parts No.


( -3 dB BW)

196~220M TT63556B-200M 60M -- --
276~310M TT63223B-288M 80M TF64223B-288M 80M
311~355M TT67869B-350M 90M TF69869B-350M 88M
356~400M TT63348B-375M 100M TF64348B-375M 100M
401~455M TT6395F-450M 120M TF64214B-450M 110M
456~515M TT63335F-480M 120M TF64335F-480M 120M
456~515M TT63568A-500M 130M -- --
516~555M TT6393F-530M 120M TF6493F-530M 120M
556~595M TT63336F-575M 120M TF64336F-575M 120M
596~640M TT67618F-625M 130M TF69618F-625M 130M
596~640M TT63569F-600M 140M
641~660M TT63366B-650M 120M TF64366B-650M 120M
661~700M TT63333F-666M 135M TF64333F-666M 125M
701~750M TT63384F-750M 130M TF64384F-750M 130M
751~800M TT63385F-800M 130M TF64385F-800M 130M
751~800M TT63561B-800M 160M -- --
801~830M TT63348F-805M 140M TF64465F-805M 140M
831~860M TT63386F-850M 120M TF64386F-850M 120M
861~900M TT63387F-900M 130M TF64387F-900M 130M
901~930M TT67861B-925M 120M TF69861B-925M 120M
931~950M TT67868B-933M 120M TF69868B-933M 120M
951~975M TT67862B-975M 120M TF69862F-966.5M 120M
976~1000M TT63338F-980M 120M TF64338F-980M 120M
976~1000M TT63562B-1000M 200M -- --
1001~1100M TT67864B-1075M 120M TF69864B-1075M 120M
1001~1100M TT63563B-1100M 220M -- --
1101~1180M TT63339F-1160M  120M  TF64339F-1160M 120M 
1181~1250M TT63365B-1200M 120M  TF64365B-1200M 120M 
1181~1250M TT63564B-1200M 240M -- --
1251~1300M TT63362F-1300M 200M  TF64362F-1300M 200M 
1251~1300M TT63565B-1300M 260M -- --
1301~1500M TT67684A-1405M  110M  TF69684A-1405M 110M 
1301~1500M TT63566B-1400M 280M -- --
1301~1500M TT63567B-1500M 300M -- --

B.VHF UHF Broad Band Module Type Power Filter

Temwell provides VHF UHF Broad Band Module Type Power Filter for large band required customers. All Broad band B.P. Filter can be built into Module as Power Filter. Accept 10-50 Watts power and Connecter Change requirement . Customers can decide to use Pin Type or Module Type for VHF UHF Wide Band Helical Filter.


Series Module Type Power Filter
(7H3/ 5W3)
Frequency (Fo) Any Standard Wide Band 
Helical Filter
Bandwidth (-3BW) 100~150MHz
Return Loss > 20dB
Insertion Loss   1.5
Power 10-50Watt
Size Diagram 
 (L x W x H)
SMA/ F Case (48 x 38 x 26) mm
N Case (48 x 38 x 34) mm
Impedance 50Ω / 75Ω