5G Drone & UAV system


What are Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)?
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aerial vehicle, usually called drone, It is an aircraft without a pilot or operator. The main function of drones is often used to perform periodic, dirty and dangerous works or tasks.


What are 5G Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) used for?
In the beginning, it is in military use, with the support of 5G technology (high-speed, wide-band, and low-latency), Drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is now rapidly developing to more application levels and have a wider application fields, for instance : video shooting, photo taking, transportation of goods, agricultural care, surveillance patrol, facility inspection,  artistic creation, high altitude surveillance, police patrol, aerial photography, aerial video recording, communication and network relay station or aerial hotspot and so on.

How can RF Filter application for Drone / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)?
The UAV is a component of the UAS; it includes the UAV body, the ground controller and the communication system between the two. Communicating and remotely control through a specially designed communication frequency band, and even transmit images and data. With the support of the latest technology, it can run automatically to some extent, or through the tester for remote operation control. In such an application environment, it will be a very important part for the remote control system to require precise communication and uninterrupted signal transmission.

Up to now, there have been multiple broadband available for robot operation, image transmission, data transmission, manipulation commands, etc. However, due to the dispersion of particles, it cannot be used effectively as a whole, and the demand for high image quality and long-distance image transmission applications is increasing. It has begun to integrate and design large-scale applications through 5G communication.

The common drone and UAV frequencies as 2400–2483.5MHz, 5470–5725MHz and 5725–5875MHz. These (or adjacent) frequency bands include both licensed and unlicensed equipments used together, which often produces signal interference. 


For this phenomenon, TEMWELL as the worldwide epxert in design and manufacture RF filters, enables to satisfy all kinds of drone equipment project to effectively suppress interference and protect the operating frequency  of your equipments.


Based on our abundant experience, our products support low group delay, high bandwidth, good performance, power 5 watt up and high efficiency to achieve 5G faster communications. We provide custom design proposal, including Helical Filter Design, Cavity Filter Design, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, Coil and Inductor, RF Diplexer Design, RF Duplexer Design, n-way Combiner and all kinds of RF components. Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance and California Proposition 65 compliance. 

If demo center frequency and bandwidth not suitable, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design service. We also support other design and other type filter and duplexer (e.g. Notch, Lowpass, Highpass, SMD, Cavity, Waveguide etc) for higher power and outdoor application if required, please refer to: Custom Cavity Filter , Custom SMD Filter, Custom Duplexer & Diplexer. More questions or need further information about design filter service, please Contact us

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