AloT module design


What is AIoT?
IoT (Internet of Things) is a system that connects various computers, communication devices, machinery, and machine circuits to each other. In other words, it allows various application devices to be given independent but unified unique identification codes (UID) through the networking. Information and data are transmitted through the road to create a close connection between all application equipment, and at the same time, the collected data is further analyzed and processed in a unified manner to achieve the most effective operation, including common automation, remote control, and device integration. Functions such as indirect connection are all part of the application category of IoT. 


Entering the 5G era, introducing AI systems on the basic IoT (Internet of Things) architecture is the so-called AIoT. AIOT means  AI + IoT, which could use AI to process the big data collected by the IoT, and process the most effective and useful data to optimize the operation of the organization or function.


How Would the 5G Technology Change the Regional Broadcast?
IoT is based on one of the most basic and simple principles: collecting information on various devices in the human environment and re-creating useful new values after integration. It has a wide range of applications, including transportation and logistics, industrial manufacturing, medical, smart environment (smart home, smart office, smart factory), personal and social fields, mainly divided into the following categories: 
1.Basic Infrastructure: Usually need to use a special dedicated frequency band to operate
2.Consumer applications: Usually need fixing common frequency bands to operate
3. Industrial and Science application : Usually need to use a special dedicated frequency band to operate


In addition, except for the special dedicated frequency band design required for the establishment of AIoT applications, the biggest difficulty in setting up is that it is necessary to install an IoT loop for the building or equipment that has been built but cannot be removed and re-built, so that it can be connected to the AIoT network. Therefore, AIoT adding modules that using external installation methods to enable existing equipment or devices to have the ability to connect to the IoT network will be very important and useful to set up the AIoT networks.

TEMWELL specializes in providing effective RF filters and microwave components to support all kinds of 5G AloT module designs; band-pass, band-stop, high-pass, low-pass and other types of filters are included.


Based on our abundant experience, our products support low group delay, high bandwidth, good performance, power 5 watt up and high efficiency to achieve 5G faster communications. We provide custom design proposals, including Helical Bandpass Filter, RF Cavity Filter, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, SMD Inductor, SMD Coil, Diplexer Duplexer, N-Way Combiner and all kinds of RF components. Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance and California Proposition 65 compliance.

If standard center frequencies and bandwidths are not suitable for your needs, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design services and support custom design for types of filters and duplexers such as notch, lowpass, highpass, SMD, cavity, waveguide types, etc. If you have demands for higher power and outdoor application, then our Custom Bandpass Cavity FilterCustom SMD FilterCustom Duplexer Diplexer are the products you need!

Temwell is one of the best suppliers of RF & microwave solutions. We are confident to solve any problems in the RF components and 5G AloT module design. To learn further information about our services, welcome to Contact us.

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