RADAR system


What is RADAR?

Radar is the abbreviation of "Radio Detection and Ranging". The baisc Radar detection principle is that the detection equipment diffuses and emits high-energy waves. When the energy waves touch the target oubject, they are bounced. The bounced energy waves are received by the detection equipment, and then the target oubject could be calculated based on the amount of remaining energy. According to the rebound time and speed, the direction, height and speed of the object can be measured out, even the shape of the object. In other words, the main function of the radar detection device is to use radio waves to detect the presence of objects and determine the distance. 

Temwell Brand of RF Microwave Components used in Radar System

The purpose of the earliest radar invention was to solve ship collision accidents. Due to the often bad weather in the North Atlantic, ship collision accidents often occur in the ports of London, Portsmouth, and Hamburg, which have heavily freighted. Therefore, the invention of the radar device is in order to detect the distance between ships and ensure safety, and then extend to aviation communication, traffic speed measurement, severe weather detection and military detection. Currently, the latest radar detection applications are used in car navigation and further 5G Internet of Vehicles applications.

Temwell Brand of  RF Microwave Components used in Different Radar Band
Commonly used radar frequency bands:
**X band (8~12.5GHz)-shipboard navigation and pilotage, severe weather avoidance, and police speed measurement
**Ku, K, and Ka bands (12.5~40GHz): military detection applications
**Millimeter-wave band (above 40 GHz): Car navigation and detection use

The most important performance indicators of radar detection equipment are sensitivity and filtering capabilities. 
Sensitivity: Radar detection equipment must be able to accurately detect tiny bounce signals in order to quickly complete the detection task and react according to it. Filtering ability: In the operation of radar detection, interference noise is an inevitable problem. Therefore, a good radar device needs to be able to effectively filter the unnecessary noise contained in the bounce signal, leaving only the necessary information, Increase the efficiency of data analysis. 

Temwell Brand of  RF Microwave Components used in Different Radar Band and Application

How Can RF Microwave Filters Work in Radar Systems?

For radar equipment to achieve high-quality detection performance, RF COMPONENTS must be considered at the design stage, especially the low noise power amplifier (LNA) and RF Filter. An LNA with excellent performance can greatly improve the detection efficiency of small signals by radar equipment, which has good sensitivity. The high-performance RF Filter allows the radar to easily isolate the external interference noise, leaving only the required information.

Therefore, Temwell RF Filter Design Expert and Temstron RF Microwave Components Supply source will be yours The best developer partner in support the well-operating RF Filter and Components. 

Temwell Brand of  RF Microwave Components used in Different Radar Band and Application
TEMWELL specializes in providing effective Radio Frequency Filters and RF Microwave components to give 5G antenna highly flexible back end design support, including band-pass 
filter, band-stop filter, high-pass filter and low-pass filter, etc. 

Based on our abundant experience, our R&D Team provides the high flexible capability to provide customer service in high-performance LNA and high attenuation RF Filter for high-performance RADAR projects. We provide custom design proposals, including Helical Bandpass Filter, RF Cavity Filter, SMD Filter, Needle Filter, SMD Inductor, SMD Coil, Diplexer Duplexer,  N-Way Combiner, and all kinds of RF components. Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance, and California Proposition 65 compliance.

Temwell RF Microwave Components Expert

If standard center frequencies and bandwidths are not suitable for your needs, we provide flexible frequency and bandwidth design services and support custom design for types of filters and duplexers such as a notch, lowpass, highpass, SMD, cavity, waveguide types, etc. If you have demands for higher power and outdoor application, then our Custom RF Cavity FilterCustom SMD FilterCustom Duplexer Diplexer is what you need! 


Temwell is one of the best RF microwave components suppliers. We have the extreme confidence to satisfy all your requirements. To learn more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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