O-RAN standard in 5G


What Is the O-RAN Standard?

O-RAN is short for Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN). By standardizing the specifications and usage parameters of the entire Radio Access Network's various equipment, the Radio Access Network system and operating environment can be set up with greater flexibility. At the same time, it is more competitive to meet different needs and provide rapid response capabilities in line with the ever-changing market. 


In the early days, Radio Access Network was in the hands of major telecommunications companies in various countries. The overall hardware and software services were all handled and determined by the telecommunications company. Equipment suppliers who did not pass the certification of the telecommunications company could not import goods into this field. The entire market is a closed market.


Therefore, it needed to take a long time and go through complicated procedures to purchase equipment and upgrade systems. The overall time-consuming and slow replacement has not been able to fully satisfy the rapidly-changing and highly competitive market requirements of the 5G generation. 


How Can We Fulfill the Concept of the O-RAN in the 5G Generation?

To make a difference in this industry, the major telecom companies from various countries have decided to jointly form O-RAN ALLIANCE, transform the Radio Access Network into an open market and define the system architecture of the Radio Access Network in a standardized way, so that different suppliers have the opportunity to join together and promote the entire industry grows. So far, 26 telecom operators have participated.

The O-RAN architecture advocates an open interface in hardware and software to make it easier to upgrade, purchase and grow telecom equipment. In this way, telecom operators can deploy application services more quickly, not only to meet customer needs, but also to further expand application service projects, with more diversified services, and increase revenue while reducing costs.


The concept of Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) is to transform the closed Radio Access Network controlled by telecom companies into an open system combination. The whole system can be split freely and fully allocated to the large and small suppliers in the entire market. In addition to the benefit of cost down, when a unit in the system encounters thr needs for function improvements or upgrades, the supplier can also optimize and adjust the system in a timely manner through individual suppliers to quickly meet the changes. The overall operating efficiency of the Radio Access Network has been greatly improved. 


The architecture of the entire Radio Access Network system can be simply divided into 4 parts:

(1). Device/user of the terminal: 5G Modul/ 5G Mobile Router                                         

(2). Basic station equipment: SWITCH, CU/DU/ MEC/ SMO/ RIC/ SON                          

(3). Core network equipment: 5G CORE NETWORK                                                        

(4). Application software service with hardware: Application softwave and service         

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