Trunking Radio System


What is Trunking Radio System?

Trunking Radio System is a radio communication system that can be shared by multiple people at the same time through radio multiple switching technology. It is generally called a two-way radio. Common equipment such as wireless walkie-talkies. 

The main functions are as follows: 
(1) Voice call: One-to-one direct dialogue and one-to-many group call dialogue function.
(2) Text message: One-to-one or one-to-many broadcast function, including voice text messages and text messages.
(3) Data Transmission Service: As a terminal device of network data service, it can carry out network data, but the main purpose is for voice and message transmission. 

What is Trunking Radio System?

Trunking Radio System is usually reserved exclusively for government agencies or public use, such as police, fire stations, ambulances, railway transportation, transportation services, security forces, and the military, etc., especially for disasters. For the emergency period, an independent dedicated frequency band will be provided especially.

What Are the Types of Trunking Radio Systems?
The trunking radio system has been launched since the very beginning. After years of development and evolution, there are two famous systems in use, which are APCO-25 system (P-25) in North America, mainly used on emergency communications of public safety such as police, fire stations, and ambulances, and TETRA system widely in continental Europe, mainly used in railway transportation and transportation services. 

What is the difference between Project 25, TETRA, DMR?

Project 25 (P-25):

APCO-25 system, also called Project 25 (or P-25), is a digital mobile radio standard system designed by the North American Public Safety Organization. The P25 system adds the function of data transmission on the basis of voice transmission and can carry out information transmission and data encryption at the same time. The P25 architecture uses RF bandwidth (12.5kHz) for communication. After 2012, P25 introduced a more optimized packet compression module to greatly improve the efficiency of audio and data transmission. P25 structure before 2012 would be Phase 1 and Phase 2 after 2012. For P25 Phase 2, although Phase 1 equipment cannot support Phase 2 communication, Phase 2 equipment is compatible with Phase 1 equipment. What is APCO-25 system?

TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio Terrestrial Trunked Radio):
TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio Terrestrial Trunked Radio) was jointly developed by industry experts and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and has become the undisputed standard for the world's most demanding and professional radio communication users. Tetra communication system mainly works in the frequency bands of 380-400MHz, 410-430MHz, 806-825MHz, and 851-870MHz. The connection method is Time Division Multiplexing (TDMA), which allows users to use the same frequency at different points in time to transmit data and messages. TETRA technology brings new outstanding features to mobile communication by combining the characteristics of mobile phones with fast data communication and PMR's working group functions. 

TETRA communication services of TETRAPOL and Project 25.
Entering the 5G era, the Trunking Radio System has also begun to evolve, strengthening data transmission functions, and enhancing data transmission and network communication services. The core architecture is DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), which converts the communication architecture from analog to digital. The most common ones are the next-generation TETRA communication services: TETRAPOL and Project 25 Phase 2. 

How Does the Digital Mobile Radio Work?
DMR (Digital Moblie Radio) is an open standard for digital radio communications established by ETSI and was first created in 2005. Realize the function of Trunking Radio System through the Internet transmission channel, and provide voice service, Text message service, and data transmission demand through data packet. DMR is based on Internet transmission. Therefore, the ability of network transmission and connection is greatly improved, which can fully meet the transmission needs of the 5G era. At present, more and more applications are developed and designed based on DMR. 
The most common ones are the next-generation TETRA communication services: TETRAPOL and Project 25 Phase 2.

Trunked Radio System with RF Microwave Component Solutions by Temwell Corporation
TETRAPOL is the next-generation communication architecture of TETRA. It is developed by Matra/EADS. It is a fully digital communication network based on DMR. Tetrapol is an open and digital professional mobile radio (PMR) technology, providing a reliable and effective next-generation communication system for professional users in the public security or industrial fields, and suporting safe and reliable voice and data communication at the same time. 

The Project 25 Phase 2 product uses more advanced encoding and modulation, having the ability of compressed audio so that it can support processing larger traffic as a whole, and provides two TDMA voice channels at the same time under the same bandwidth specifications, compared to the Phase 1 standard. By operating the new voice channel method, Phase 2 products can more fully sustain the communication and data transmission needs of the 5G generation. 

RF Microwave Component Supplier by Temwell

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