What is Tunable Filter?


Tunable Filter usually refers to Tunable Bandpass Filter. A Tunable Filter is not only a kind of RF Filter but also can provide the function of self-tuning Center Frequency parameter. It allows users to perform more deep adjustments after being installed on the PCB, so that the RF Filter can be more closely matched with the final product, showing a more suitable performance.

Generally, RF Filter can be divided into Cavity Filter, Ceramic Filter, Helical Fitler, and Crystal Filter according to the different design basis. Although the design basis is different, there is a common feature that once the design is completed and built out, those main parameters such as Center frequency, Bandwidth, Attenuation value, and other specifications can no longer be adjusted. If a particular parameter is forcibly adjusted, it is very likely that the entire Filter performance will be completely aliased, and the original function will be lost.

When facing the situation of changing the center frequency, it is necessary to completely re-simulate and design the relevant parameters to ensure that the overall output performance can meet the target. Therefore, when RF engineers need to use several filters with the same specifications but different center frequencies at the same time, they often need to spend a lot of development costs and time making samples. Only then can the initial prototype installation test be carried out, which is the biggest concern for RF engineers when working on new products.

Temwell Tunable RF Filter with Self Tuning

The working principle of Tunable RF Bandpass Filter is to form a peak-like waveform to protect useful signals in a specific frequency band and suppress the noise of the specific frequency band, so the center frequency is used to show the range of the Tunable Band Pass Filter that can protect the signal from noise. 

After the various electronic parts are installed on the PCB, under the influence of each electronic component. It usually happens that the actual frequency band is suppressed often different from the theoretical design value. A tunable rf filter that does not work fully may only protect 99% of the area, and a small part of the frequency band cannot be protected, so the performance of the entire component cannot be optimized. In terms of data, it is estimated that the gap is about 3-5MHz. At this time, if a slight offset adjustment can be made to the waveform of the filter, the filter can give full play to the maximum suppression effect, completely isolate the signal that is expected to be excluded, and then make the entire product design have the best performance.

Tunable RF Filter With Self-Tuning On Board

The adjustable function of Tunable RF Bandpass Filter is the biggest and best helper. Allows engineers or factory assemblers to make immediate adjustments, and it takes a very short time to deploy components to the best performance, which not only saves time but also saves money because the Tunable Band pass Filter is a very useful component for engineers.

How to make tunable rf filter with self-tuning on board? Temwell will tell you.
The function of the self-tuning Center Frequency parameter is so useful, why can't all other rf filters be installed?

This is because RF Filter is an electronic component that depends on precise design and production and then it can generate the best performance for good. If it is adjusted through self-tuning, it is easy to over-adjust, resulting in abnormal performance. Therefore, the function of Self-tuning can only support very slight changes under limited conditions. Tunable Bandpass Filter cannot support the need for arbitrary tuning of all parameters. Under this restriction, only a few filters can satisfy this condition and provide the function of Self-tuning. That is, the structure and design principle of the Temwell Tunable RF Bandpass Filter can fully match this requirement.

Temwell Tunable RF Bandpass Filter applicated in 5G field.

Temwell Tunable Bandpass Filter provides the function of tuning Center Frequency parameters, allowing users and engineers to adjust the center frequency parameters in small amplitudes, ranging from 1-3MHz to 5-10MHz. The ability to adjust the range of self-tuning according to the Tunable RF Filter parameters in design simulation. Generally speaking, the customer can ask the development laboratory to design the filter to the closest center frequency parameter, and then the customer can fine-tune the center frequency parameter after installing the product board, and achieve the best output performance in the end.

Tunable RF Bandpass Filter

Temwell Tunable RF Filter provides customized center frequency service, can complete the design within 7 workdays and establish specification reports and samples, and can provide the function of Self-tuning Center Frequency parameters ranging from 1-3MHz to 5-10MHz. At the same time, you can also refer to the finished design product list in the online catalog. There are more than 3000 kinds of specification sheets and graphs for reference. Customers can directly select the specifications of the items in the catalog as the design basis for the final goal, and can quickly achieve the desired product specifications for you.

Temwell Tunable RF Bandpass Filter Manufacturer

The service of customized parameters includes Center frequency, Bandwidth, Attenuation value, Size, Output style (Connector type, SMD type, PIN type), etc. Please go online directly and refer to the detailed catalog. If you have any questions, please send the inquiry to us directly. For more information, please contact us for free consultant service.


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