What is Satellite Filter?


Satellite network is the operation of various wireless communications through communication satellites in the earth's orbit. Common applications are in television, telephone, broadcasting, Internet, and military fields, including satellite observation, satellite telephone, satellite positioning system, satellite mobile communications, etc. A Communications Satellite, called CS, is a satellite that transmits and amplifies radio communication signals through a repeater. Through the communications satellite, a communication channel can be established between a transmitter station on the ground and a remote receiving station all over the world. 

Temwell provides band stop filters for applicated in K Band broadband satellite network

The latest 3GPP NTN communication protocol R17 revealed that Satellite communication networks are defined as non-terrestrial communication networks, and the main scope of construction is the ultra-large-scale natural environment, special terrain environments, and areas where terrestrial communication equipment cannot be installed. It is used to supplement the blocks in the global network where network communication equipment cannot be set up. The next generation of global 6G network architecture in the future will be based on a non-terrestrial communication network with 5G NR base station system, a mobile communication network connected with the Internet of Things (IoT) system, and integrated into a complete global communication. Therefore, the application of satellite communication has officially entered the market subject of hot research.

Temwell Microwave RF Filter Solution for Satellite Communication
In the satellite communication network, because the transmission distance is very long, there are many objects that will cause interference along the way, such as atmospheric pressure, clouds, mountains and other natural environments, buildings, vehicles, other communication equipment, and other artificial creations, etc., may change the transmission signal, and then appear noise. Therefore, it is necessary to use a satellite-specific filter to remove the noise, so that the effect of the entire transmission signal can meet the requirements of the transmission system, and even achieve satisfactory transmission quality.

Temwell 5G Interference Satellite Band Filter Provider
Satellite Filter is specially designed to be used in satellite communication systems to help eliminate all kinds of sudden noise sources, enhance the transmission quality of satellite communication and communication networks, and enable satellite communication to smoothly cover all different regions on the earth and corner.

The biggest difference between the Satellite Filter and the general RF filter is that it requires a very large amount of power. The required power starts from 100W, and normally the power should be achieved to 500W under common conditions. Furthermore, it even is proposed to meet the design of more than 1000W.

Temwell L Band Filter, C Band Pass Filter, S Band Bandpass Filter for Satellite Communication

The reason to have this high power is that satellite communication is based on the use of high power for signal transmission in very high frequency bands. Only high-power transmission signals have enough energy to send the signals into space, and only enough signals to transmit data back to the ground. At the same time, extremely high frequency bands are used to transmit signals, at least 10-15G, 26-30G, 40G-50G are also very common, and the highest frequency band is 70G-80G.

Temwell X Band Filter, V Band Filter, Constant K Band Pass Filter, KA Band Filter, KU Band Bandpass Filter for Satellite Communication

Temwell Group is a worldwide expert in providing custom service in the design and manufacturing of RF Filter. Our high quality R&D Team has full capabiliyt to supply the sutiable proposal and solution in RF Filter design. Satellite Filter requests high frequency band and extremely larget power, which Temwell could satisfy as well.

Temwell Satellite RF Filter Supplier

Based on years of Microwave RF filter development experience, Temwell establish RF Satellite Filter, supporting high frequency bands up to 80GHz and enable to afford 100-500W Power. Also, our custom design service could give you multiple selections to make your specific RF Satellite Filter perfectly match your final project.

We provide custom design proposals, including Band Stop Filters, Constant K type Filters, Helical Filter, Cavity Filter, SMD Filter under BPF, LPF, HPF, and BSF. It also, covers Inductor, Coil, Diplexer, Duplexer, n-way Combiner, Isolator, Attenuator, Coupler, Amplifier, and so on.  Products are made in Taiwan with ISO certification, RoHS certification, REACH compliance, and California Proposition 65 compliance. For more information, please contact us for free consultant service.

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