What is Duplexer or Diplexer?


Both RF Diplexer and RF Duplexer can be taken as "Duplexers", "5G Duplexers",  "5G Diplexers" or "VHF UHF Duplexers" which are extremely common radio frequency components in transmitter circuits, receiver circuits, and transceiver circuits used in communications, Radar, and other sensing applications under VHF UHF Band. Both VHF UHF Diplexer and VHF UHF Duplexer are three-port RF components, which use the frequency division function of high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass to run two signals of receiving and sending simultaneously under the same antenna or transmission line function.

Simply, the function of VHF UHF Diplexer & Duplexer is used to process 2 signal frequency bands which are from VHF to UHF at the same time, mainly based on the frequency band that the terminal device wants to operate. Except for 2 specific frequency bands, the other parts are treated as noise, which is isolated and removed. Usually, VHF UHF Diplexer & Duplexer is directly connected to the antenna terminal, and the signal collected by the antenna terminal is processed, and then respectively guided to the corresponding equipment.

RF Duplexer and RF Diplexer by Temwell Company

As long as the VHF UHF Diplexer & VHF UHF Duplexer can fully separate the 2 signal frequency bands, and when it operates 2 frequency bands, these signals do not interfere with each other; it is the standard VHF UHF Duplexers. Common band combinations are 3: (1). 2 VHF BAND (2). 2 UHF BAND (3). 1 VHF BAND+1 UHF BAND. 

The key difference between VHF UHF Diplexer and VHF UHF Duplexer is the way the loop operates. 

VHF UHF Duplexer is based on two Bandpass filters, which protect the frequency bands that the terminal equipment will operate separately. In addition to better isolation between the two operating frequency bands, it can also fully isolate the noise outside the two frequency bands.  The disadvantage is that it requires high technical skills and it is difficult to meet all development requirements.

How Does RF Duplexer Work? Temwell Company Answer You
On the other side, VHF UHF Diplexer uses 1 lowpass filter and 1 highpass filter to achieve the purpose of protecting 2 operating frequency bands. The advantage is that it is easier to meet various design needs, eg: 2 frequency bands are requested to be very close, working frequency band needs to have a large Bandwidth, but the disadvantage is that it is easily interfered with by additional noise because both lowpass filter and highpass filter can only provide unilateral noise isolation performance, and noise can easily break through the protection and enter these 2 operating frequency bands.

How Does RF Diplexer Work? Temwell will teach you
For VHF UHF Diplexer & Duplexer design, the difficulty is that when the two selected frequency bands are too close, it is easy to cause interference between the two signals. When the two internal frequency bands easily interfere with each other, VHF UHF Diplexer & Duplexer lose their operational significance. 
RF Duplexer and RF Diplexer by Temwell CompanyIn addition, the development requirements of VHF UHF Duplexer & Duplexer, like RF Filter, will meet extremely strict specifications. Usually, it is very difficult to develop a frequency band with a high request. When designing a duplexer, it is necessary to combine two RF Filters with high specification requirements. The parameters between the two RF Filters will also interfere with each other, and it often happens that one end meets the requirements. , but the other end cannot meet the target and cannot cooperate. Therefore, if the design experience of the development engineers or development team is insufficient, it often happens that the goal cannot be achieved.

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As Temwell goup is a specialist in RF Filter design, we enable to handle all kinds of diferent situation in design with high quality design energy to satisfy all kinds of RF duplexers and RF Diplexers requirements. Based on our over 25years knowledg in RF Filter design, you could trust Temwell and rely on our R&D team as always.

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Our Duplexer and Diplexer have the following special features, which you could indicate as your design.

--3 packages type: Connector, Surface Mount Design, and Thru-hole
--Frequency: DC to 60 GHz
--Technology: Cavity, Waveguide, LC, DR (dielectric), Ceramic, and Helical
--Low Power & High Power up to 200W (avg)
--Indoor & Outdoor (waterproof IP65, IP66, IP67) application
--Narrow bandwidth & Broadband

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The greatest thing is all our evaluation time will be only 7 workdays. Temwell group's comprehensive services on RF & mmWave Filter & Components will be modules Design engineers or studios are great helpers. We have the extreme confidence to satisfy all your requirements.
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