What is RF Multiplexer with Multiple Frequency band?


What is RF Multiplexer with Multiple Frequency bands?

RF Multiplexers with Multiple Frequency band is a multiplexers specially designed for radio frequency applications, which can combine multiple RF signals into a single output signal or route a single RF signal to multiple output ports.

The working principle of the RF multiplexer mainly depends on switching technology and filtering technology. In the RF signal input port, the switching between different input ports and output ports is realized by using electronic switch control devices, and filters are used to suppress interference signals and stray signals. Between the signal input port and the output port, a matching network is usually required to ensure signal matching and transmission efficiency. Usually, the appearance will be presented in the styles of 1 input with 2 outputs, 1 input with 3 outputs, 1 input with 4 outputs, and 1 input with 8 outputs.

What is Temwell RF Multiplexer with Multiple Frequency bands?

For example, in the field of wireless communication, multiple antennas need to be connected to an RF front-end module, and the RF multiplexer can multiplex the signals of these antennas to an input port, and distribute these signals to different outputs through the RF multiplexer port to realize signal interconnection and transmission between different antennas.

Common application fields are wireless communication, radar, satellite communication, and other applications. It can also be used in various applications such as spectrum analyzers, test instruments, and communication system construction to improve signal transmission efficiency and system performance.

Temwell type of RF Multiplexers are common applicated in wireless communication, radar, satellite communication and other applications.
RF MULTIPLER is mainly used for multiplexing and distribution of high-frequency signals, and its operating frequency ranges from hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz. According to the number of input and output ports, the common types are as follows:

1 Input 2 Output (1x2) Multiplexer
1 Input 3 Output (1x3) Multiplexer
1 Input 4 Output (1x4) Multiplexer
1 Input 8 Output (1x8) Multiplexer
1 input 16 output (1x16) multiplexer

In addition, with the advancement of the times, in order to process signals faster, RF MULTIPLER has also changed from analog signals to digital signals, thus High-speed Digital Multiplexer (High-speed Digital Multiplexer) was invented.

The high-speed digital multiplexer is used for multi-band operation and signal synchronous distribution of high-speed digital signals. In addition to the working frequency range that can fully meet the requirements, the physical energy loss and signal error can be reduced to the minimum through the digital communication system. Let the application using RF MULTIPLER could be in a wider range. The common configuration method is also through a variety of input and output port combinations such as 2x1, 4x1, 8x1, 16x1, etc.

The Temwell high-speed digital multiplexer is used for multi-band operation and signal synchronous distribution of high-speed digital signals.

The most common types of RF MULTIPLER for analog signal sources: Triplexer 1-input 3-output (1x3) multiplexer and Quadplexer 1-input 4-output (1x4) multiplexer.

1 Input 3 Output (1x3) Multiplexer Triplexer:
RF Triplexer is a radio frequency device that combines and separates signals of three different frequency bands. In general, RF Triplexer has one input port and three output ports, and each output port is capable of transmitting signals within a specific frequency range. RF Triplexer is usually used in the wireless communication system to use three different frequency bands to realize the function of simultaneously transmitting voice, data and video transmission.

1 Input 4 Output (1x4) Multiplexer Quadplexer:
RF Quadplexer is a radio frequency device that combines and separates signals of four different frequencies. The way RF Quadplexer is used is similar to RF Triplexer, both are to transmit and process signals of several different frequency bands at the same time, but Quadplexer processes 4 signal sources at the same time.


How can Temwell RF Multiplexers Applications?

Important design parameters in RF Multiplexer design include:

1. Working frequency range:
The working frequency range of the RF multiplexer needs to match the signal frequency range in the application scenario and usually needs to consider the value of Bandwidth and Center frequency at the same time.

2. Insertion loss:
Insertion loss refers to the signal power loss caused by factors such as the loss of the device itself and the impedance mismatch of the matching network when the signal passes through the RF multiplexer. Therefore, when designing an RF multiplexer, it is necessary to reduce the insertion loss as much as possible to improve the transmission efficiency of the signal.

3. Isolation:
Isolation refers to the signal isolation effect between different input ports or different output ports in an RF multiplexer. In practical applications, the higher the isolation, the smaller the mutual interference between different signals.

Temwell can provide kinds of RF Multiplexers to be used in wireless communication, radar, satellite communication, and other applications.

4. Phase balance: Phase balance refers to the signal phase difference between different output ports in an RF multiplexer. In practical applications, phase balance has an important impact on the fidelity and transmission efficiency of multiplexed and distributed signals.

5. Number of channels: The number of channels refers to the number of input ports and the number of output ports in the RF multiplexer. The number of channels will directly determine the multiplexing and distribution capabilities of signals. And it will affect the complexity of the design in the RF multiplexer.

However, whether it is a Triplexer with 3 signal segments, a Quadplexer with 4 signal segments, or a multiplexer with more signals, it is necessary to emphasize the value of parameters in Frequency range and Isolation in the design. The R&D team can accurately develop the best component performance according to the above parameters, which is a good RF multiplexer product.

Temwell types of RF multiplexers

Based on over 25 years of experience, Temwell Group provides 5G RF Multiplexer in Triplexer/ Quadplexer as a one-stop service in designing and manufacturing as RF solutions. Our customer service covers frequency change, Isolation, input/output numbers change, and connector change as below.

Pass Frequency band: VHF/ UHF/ Single band/ Dual Band/ Multi Band
Input/output: 1 ant/ 2 ant/ 4 ant/ multiple 2way/ 3 way 4 way/ 6way/ 8-32way
Isolation: 50dB UP
Power: 5-200W
Impedance: 50 /75 ohm
Connector: SMA, F, N, and others

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