Customized RF Components and Microwave

NO. Subject Date
1 Q1:What’s the difference among 7H.7S.5W.5R Series? 2020-02-12
2 Q2:What’s the difference among 7H2.7H3.7H4.7H5 ? 2020-02-12
3 Q3:How to choose a Part Number from Temwell Standard Product List? 2020-02-13
4 Q4:What do you mean by ‘’Acceptable Specify Fo Range’’ showing on each Spec.? 2020-02-13
5 Q5:What do you mean by ‘’Tunable Range’’ showing on each spec., can I tune by myself? 2020-02-13
6 Q6:In what situation should I do some ‘’Tuning’’ by myself? 2020-02-13
7 Q7:What do you mean by ‘’Bandwidth’’? 2020-02-13
8 Q8:What should I note if I will adjust the screw by myself? 2020-02-13
9 Q9:Low pass, high pass, and band pass? 2020-02-13
10 Q10:Where is the different between RF Connector Filter and RF Band Pass Filter? 2020-02-13
11 Q11:What's the difference between Temwell & Temstron? 2020-11-25
12 Q12:Except Helical BPF, what products you could supply? 2020-11-25
13 Q13: What are the applications of RF Filter? 2020-11-25
14 Q14:What are the advantages of helical filter? 2020-11-25
15 Q15: Can you provide ADS simulation data (.S2P)? 2020-11-25
16 Q16: What specification parameter of RF Filter could be customized? 2020-11-25
17 Q17: Can you support the product with outdoor protection level, ex: IP-65 ? 2020-11-25
18 Q18:Can you support the equal products of Toko Helical Filter? 2020-11-25
19 Q19:Does Customized service request MOQ? 2020-11-25
20 Q20:Is there Standard RF Filter item? 2020-11-25
21 Q21:Are our products Made in China? 2020-11-25
22 Q22:Can you accept the custom design in Connector type? 2020-11-25
23 Q23:What is the difference between Diplexer and Duplexer? 2020-11-25
24 Q24:What is Cavity Filter? 2020-11-25
25 Q25:What is Radio Frequency Filters? What does It do? 2021-01-05