Q23:What is the difference between Diplexer and Duplexer?


Diplexer and Duplexer are both three-port radio frequency devices.

Diplexer is used with filters Frequency separates the signal. It allows two different devices to share a common communication channel. It consists of two filters (Low Pass, High Pass or Band Pass) at different frequencies connected to a single antenna.

Duplexer is used to separate the transmission and reception paths according to the signal direction. It can be used for same-frequency signals. In a duplexer there is no direct path between the transmitter and receiver. It can be thought of as a circulator i.e the signal from port 1 is routed to port 2 and the signal from port 2 is routed to port 3. Port 1 and Port 3 are isolated from each other.

Our Duplexer and Diplexer have the following special features, you could indicate as your design.
--3 packages type: Connector, Surface Mount Design and Thru-hole
--Frequency: DC to 60 GHz
--Technology: Cavity, Waveguide, LC, DR (dielectric), Ceramic and Helical
--Low Power & High Power up to 200W (avg)
--Indoor & Outdoor (waterproof IP65, IP66, IP67) application
--Narrow bandwidth & Broadband