TEMWELL Group is a leading provider of Microwave and Radio Frequency Filters Solutions in the field of Wireless Communications to steadily supply multi-markets in the world, such as 5G applications, Drone systems, Automatic vehicles, Aerospace, Military, Satellite, etc. Temwell Brand focus on designing and manufacturing all kinds of 5G RF Filter for more than 25 years. Temstron Brand gives the extended service of RF solutions source to fulfill effective and efficient global competence.Temwell Group with strong 5G RF filter design engineers and a stable supply team will continuously grow and improve through the cutting-edge R&D to achieve high satisfaction and success from all our customers.


Helical Filter Products

The Expert of the RF Band Pass Filter, RF Diplexer & Duplexer, RF Saw Filter, RF SMD Filter, RF 50 ohm & 75ohm Filter, RF Tunable Filter design & manufacturer


Customized Service

Frequency, Bandwidth, Attenuation, Impedance, Modular

Global Service

Australia & New Zealand / Japan / USA / Austria / Brazil / Bulgaria / U.K. / Canada / Poland / Czech & Slovak / Mexico / Netherlands / Denmark / Russia / France / South Africa / India / Switzerland / Israel / Turkey / Italy