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Temwell 5G Module Filter is modularized based on the completed Helical Filter specifications, converted from the original plug-in PIN type into the connector type filter. The characteristic is that it can be converted into a new filter form without any spec value loss and change, and at the same time can withstand larger power, from the 1W limit to 5-10 watts.In other words, more than 5,000 displayed Helical Filter specifications that have been developed can be converted into a connector filter immediately without numerical loss. Customers can use it right away without worrying about installing problems.

Temwell Power Module Bandpass Filter
Based on experience over 25 years , Temwell Group offers custom service in 5G Modulized Helical Bandpass Filter from pin type to connector type without any performance loss. There are over 5000 items from our online catalog for you to choose from, including 7H series, 7S series, 5R series, 5W series in 2pole type, 3 pole type, 4 pole type and 5 pole type as well. Our RF engineers could make multiple combinations in any specific frequency during 45M~2600MHZ with any requested bandwidth during 2M~200MHZ. All are variable in three connector types as following. A 5G module filter is a product with high flexibility, and we have the confidence that we can give you the best technical support in your new developing project.
  • Frequency band: 45MHz to 2600MHz
  • Bandwidth: 2MHz to 200GHz
  • Impedance: 50 /75 ohm
  • Connector: N, SMA, F

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Choose any specific Frequency during 45MHZ~2600MHZ
Temwell Power Module Bandpass Filter during 45MHZ~2600MHZ
Request any preferred Bandwidth during 2MHZ~120MHZ
Temwell Power Module Bandpass Filter during 2MHZ~120MHZ
Pick up a finished BandPass Filter from online 3000 items catalog
Temwell Power Module RF Bandpass Filter
Catalog LINK:  Temwell RF bandpass filter 50ohm & 75ohm Catalog

Standard Catalog
Parts NumberCenter Frequency (MHz)Bandwidth (MHz)IL (dB) ConnectorOrder
1 TM-TT6775B-480M-SMA 480 23 2 SMA Buy
2 TM-TT6799D-430M-SMA 430 9 4 SMA Buy
3 TM-TT63345A-653M-SMA 635 35 2.5 SMA Buy
4 TM-TT63812B-782M-SMA 782 15 4 SMA Buy
5 TM-TT63840B-713M-SMA 713 30 3 SMA Buy
6 TM-TT63907B-754.5M-SMA 754.5 15 3 SMA Buy
7 TM-TT67128D-680M-SMA 680 16 3 SMA Buy
8 TM-TT67151A-915M-SMA 915 10 5 SMA Buy
9 TM-TT67190A-90M-SMA 90 6 3 SMA Buy
10 TM-TT67244A-815M-SMA 815 10 4 SMA Buy
11 TM-TT67300A-90M-SMA 90 10 3 SMA Buy
12 TM-TT67379B1-162M-SMA 162 19 2 SMA Buy
13 TM-TT67524B-44M-SMA 44 7 3 SMA Buy
14 TM-TT67543B-355M-SMA 355 25 2 SMA Buy
15 TM-TTW3417A-240M-SMA 240 12 4 SMA Buy
16 TM-TTW3481B-680M-SMA 680 10 4 SMA Buy
17 TM-TTW3494B-737M-SMA 737 12 5 SMA Buy
18 TM-TTW3659B-325M-SMA 325 15 4 SMA Buy
19 TM-TTW3892A-525M-SMA 525 10 4 SMA Buy
20 TM-TTW3899A-575M-SMA 575 20 4 SMA Buy
21 TM-TTW3933A-280M-SMA 280 10 5 SMA Buy

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